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Motorola E398

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  • shark

hello hi
just asking there any way that we can upgrade e398 software by our self?it cost too much if send to dealer.any opinion?

  • TiTaNiuMiND

Hi everyone!

No, you cannot play wma on your phone!
Use Nero 6 to convert wma to mp3.

Hope I could help ya!

See Ya!

  • jonathan

Hi there everyone !!!! just wanted to ask if this phone can play wma besides of mp3 ?? I haven't tried cuase I have not a wma converter can you tell me ??

  • seeddestiny

can anyone help me with this----->>
I just accidently DELETED ALL APPLICATIONS under Java Settings and now i cant open ALL my Java Application including the games n mp3 player.
Anyone here can help me solve this problem????


  • Sheldon {From Jamaic

Hey all, I just want to share somethings, I modded my phone, I'm usind Speed Itunes MP, it is the best mp to use. here are the feature. Unlimited Videoing recording {Depeneds on the amount of memory}, Itunes already activated, You can customize the A Drive to have 10 MB on the phone memory. you can have Unlimited Voice Recording and so on, hey are alot of features and ways to upgrade your phone, right now, my phone is the best in the world, I customize everything on it, I don't use MMF to flash my phone, it it foolishness and it not working, I used RSDLITE it is the best one to use. It will show fail, but it is working, You can use that to Flash any phone {Motorola Bootloader Phone} {I Flash V3, V550 and so on} Anyway, I can't explain everything, here's the thing, if you have a Motorola E398, stick with it, if you don't GET ONE} I'll help you all the way to MOOD YOUR PHONE. is the best site. Visit there and you'll see what I mean. E-mail me if any help or add me to your messenger., or Take care and BIG UP MOTOROLA.

  • Carpio GWAPITO

u know i hve this phone 4 abt a year now..u knw what?this phone damn sucks!the sound & music on quality of this f***ng phone is just like listenig to a 1949 radio..oh my goodness!!!!!!i hate everything on this phone,the resolution the display,the quality,& the list goes on & on..

  • Anonymous

hey! the e398 was a good phone which i had for over a year. it did fall apart quickly though from small things like the headphone cover(top of phone) to the camera lens. you might say that i thrashed it about but this is not true! excellent phone otherwise for features and accesories. bluetooth is a bit slow though. good phone only if u keep it for a few months!

  • E398Modder

Oh and my the way - check out - that's a very nice site to begin modding

  • Wattie

Best modding phone ever. You can do practically whatever you want with it's firmware and software. No other competitor is available

  • erik

@@@@@@@ I've had this phone for a year now and it still works fine. Though the quality of the sound it produces when playing mp3 is a bit softer now than how it was, its still a pretty good mp3 phone.@@@ The vga camera sucks especially when you're shooting with poor lighting. Even the night-mode feature doesnt seem to work at all.@@@ Sturdiness...5. Overall Appearance (after a year)...4. Camera...2. MP3 sound quality...4. Charging and USB jack...1. (too loose). That's all.

  • goran

best phone for mp3 music and fun.gsm arena is the best.hello from serbia

  • wade

helo there, does anyone know whether its a normal thing that this hp cannot connect to the computer when it is set (data/fax connection) in settings (connection). this is bcoz i heard that can upgrade this hp to E1 but the problem is mine cant connect to pc if set (data/fax connection). if using moto modder, where must i go to upgrade to E1? Thnx ...

  • Anonymous

this phone is lousy.problems with mp3s started after 8 months.gotta change a phone soon.

  • pawlenz

I have this phone for about 2 years and it's still has the best audio quality when comparing with other brands!

  • DJ PRO6

this phone is the best .. if u put the rokr soft .. it's great .. larger memory , better photos , good sound .. SUPER PHONE HELLO MOTO :)

  • raju

hi to everybody. i want to share something after modding your e398 to E398 retro_R373_30.45 .i faced some problems with my soft ware version is R373_G_E03.45R )
1.noway to add WebSessions (apn no :-----only takes numbers only) cell info.


  • Anonymous

a great phone!!i have this phone 4 about 2 years and it's stil working without any kind of problem.
gotto love this phone.

  • Lewis

Mobile Congratulations !!!
Very Good .

  • peach

i wouldnt recommend this phone.the problem 1st started after 8 months.

  • slim shady

I have this mobile for the past 1 yr,i just wanna know can i increase the memory from 64 to anything higher and can i plug it to my pc and download songs in it and where can i get the data cable for it and the software.Plees can someone say....,,,...bye,,thanxxx