Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • nabil

i bought this phone last month...
its great..
now i want to upgrade the software..
please tell me how..
e mail

  • Max

Hi gays !
I got e398 last friday. It's very good. But i need 2 know somting.
Can it play AAC, Real audio & Real video files?
Can i upgrade it by GPRS?
How i upgrade it with pc? Plz tell the steps 1 by 1.
How can i watch fullscreen video on e398?
Plz Plz Plz & Plz help me. Thanxxxxx.....

  • Sheldon

Hi All, I love this phone, although it don't have as much features, but anyway I want to upgrade it, but I need some programmes and a firmware. If any can help me please. email me or add me to your messenger at or I need the 45r firmware or anyone. thank you all. Sheldon.

  • yo

what is the name of the software i can install on e398,or how can i upgrade it for example to record or anything.if you can help me pls my email is or leave me your answer here thanks

  • sid

yr e398 MAY be able to hold 1 gig mem card if made in China
just test the card in the shop be4 buying
i suggest u visiting forums
all ur questions on e398 will be answered

  • kristian

hey every body i got a E398 too and i was wonderin how do i upgrade my phone so i can video record cause i dont really care about all the other crap (

  • mira

is there a video recording in E398? how long can it be? thxxxx....

  • sabbir

i bought this cell. its awwwsssuummm... i hav changed my os... its fully customized now ... moto rulzzzzzz..... who r interested to do so shud visit n ... this sitez rocks......

  • paperkut

it's a soft which you can use to modifiy your phone. in combination winth another 3 programs you can change ur op systwem, have videocamera, iTunes, improved sound, flight mode and many many others...

  • andrei

i have bought a motorola e398.i like it,but i was wondering how can i change his software.can anyone help me with this please?

  • cristian

I monder how many songs mp3 enter in motorola e398

  • zaragoth

i have the soft Motorola_PST_7.2 for motorola e398 [by the way i have it]. my question is, what is it for? and how to use it? i'm just curious. thanx.

  • hac

got this cell but has a fualt with the display, and the dealers are telling me u cant get this spare part anywhere in africa apart from south africa. woow, is this real????

  • PePs™

Just got an e398 & mod it to a e1 rokr! Now can't live w/out it. But have one question currently I'm still using the transflash card that came w the cellphone w/c is 64mb. I'm planning to buy bigger removal memory & considering to buy a 1gb transflash. & question is that e398 can read a 1gb transflash card?

  • Needless

E398 by far is the loudest if you were to make comparisons with its speakers. Very loud especially if you would tweak with its gain table.bin. Unfortunately, the downside is that it would practically vibrate the whole phone up to an annoying point.

  • Ali

plzz plzz guide me which one is the loudest cell SEW550.....MTOTE398.....NOKIA3250

  • Ali

plzz plzz guide me which one is is the loudest phone sew550 motoe398 nokia3250

  • simeon

This is a great phone, but can anyone tell me if a 512 mb trans flash card will work in this phone?

  • Mauro

hi.. can somebody tell me where I find a java MP3 Player for E398 phone..??

  • lee2k6

I think it's a great phone but i don't understand a thing: it is true that u can't upload to the rockr more than 100mp3's? today i bought an 512MB trans flash and i loaded it with more than 200 tracks, and i still have space left on the card... and it really plays them....