Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • whitey

hi i was wondering can u buy other memory cards for this fone other than the 64mb 1?thanx

  • nickson

how to modify my e398.
becoz haven't voice video recorder
can any one reply me?thx alot.....

  • Rudolph

Hi i am using motorola E398 hand set since last 9 months.i was in india ,now i am in bahrain & using batelco sim card.Can some one help me for the web session setting to download for GPRS usage

  • Anonymous

e398 is good overall . not really nice when it's originally but it's nice after modded.Many hidden func etc..voice loaded in my e398 .Nice good stereo design phone ..

  • Scott

Good phone but has a bit of a lag which is a bit annoying but overall good phone

  • andy

got this for major is for kids but mp3 is 256mb T.F.and a playlist with all the songs to laod takes me ext.3min.if ROKR 1 works with 512mb E398 shoud the same but you must try.did you?ciao

  • Rush

if u want to mod ur E398 go to

  • vivian v.v...I hav use this hp more then one year ad...4 me this hp is preety gud...dn hav any problem4me...
i am shock when s read some of the opinion that say this hp is reli worst...coz i thinkin tat this hp is reli gud4me...
60somthin mb, can keep 100 mess, hav mp3, camera is clear(bt surely nw hav more hp tat is more clear),altho cnt record video bt v can c video in this hp....
Is reli a gud hp....i use4 mor then 1 hp hav no one single problem at all...
Its reli a gud hp...

  • Sudhindra GS

I could not able to upload new themes to my Motorola E398 cell either through GPRS or through PC connection. Can anyone tell me how to upload new themes. Also tell me the format of theme files if u know. I have downloaded some of the theme files to my pc which are in zip format.

  • vivek

hi to all
i just purchased E398 and it was my 10th day. i had a call from my friend and it was ringing. the a beep sound came and i found my memory card is damaged. all dealers said "since it motorola it happens in that company"

  • raducu

I have this phone for about 3 months and i read that there is some kind of software that can be instaled onto the phone so that u can record there anyone who knows where i can get this software and explain 2 me hoe to make it work. 10x.

  • Mahen

hi WONG this is for u,

Im using e398 mobile for the past 5 months..I faced the similar problem as u did.. but now its working fine..

i think i have a solution for ur problem, Try to do this & see, it might work.

"First of all u should have a software named musicmatch installed in ur PC. Some other software's also might have this feature.

If installed:-

Goto file menu & goto options & click on convert then convert all ur MP3 songs by choosing the option 56 Kbps or 128 Kbps... (Note: all ur mp3 songs should be in one kbps mode either 56 or 128 or whatever the kbps (i hope im correct)).

Try it & see.

if u need help b in touch..

do u have softwares for video recording / fm radio / voice recording.

  • realone25

btw, the previous step needs a USB to view ur contact from ur fone..

in deleting all contacts on fone, this procedure can be applicable too..


  • realone25

i did try saving an * on my fone, but it works well & i can still view my contacts.. mayb there's something wrong w/ ur fone.. try 2 install P2KTools & switch to AT Mode, then view ur contacts under Phonebook & read... try 2 delete the * contact.. see f it ok now..


  • realone25

please do apply SAFETY FIRST.. back-up b4 modding ur fone..

try this link for my backup.. flash this & hope it will work for u!..­3JFATBNPYSS9Z


  • paveen

hello riyan please give the name of the website where i get the video recording software.i some where here that it work on symbian does it true? please secify the website name thank you

  • Sreekesh

I just purchased the phone.I found two demerits for the same.I couldn't delete all phone book entries from phone and there is no voice recorder.If anyone find the option for the same(if I missed...?),please update me at

  • setya

my phone was died. and i want to reflash it, but i dont have the flash R372_G_0E_20.99R. please sent or give me that software.

  • aris_pi

can anbody help me?i have accidentally saved an asterisk on my everytime i access my fonebook it just pops up but i cant view the list of my contacts.thank you very much.

  • dertymon

Can anybody tell me if this phone accept 512mb card.Thx.