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Motorola E398

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  • vb

I think E398 can be made silent on an incoming call by pressing the volume button on the left side of the phone. E398 is a superb phone, superb sound quality. DOes play .wav files

  • ancehamsah

To update your firmware, please read my guide before. There's include link to the software you need.

  • Vezkov

This is the best phone for the given price - it has perfect design ,flawless display ,lot's of memory ,stereo speakers ,mp3 player ,mpeg4 player ,headphones ,USB interface - the Best things for a teenager (and older of course) and if you are more interested in the contemporary technology you'll be able to make that phone the perfect entertainment stick in your pocket:)

  • Val

well this forums been great. but all i wanna know is about something very Basic.
How long does the phone take to charge
(0 - 100%) after the first few initial charges ???
im sure all u users do charge ur phone sometime or the other. so Atleast 1 of you please do gimme a reply.
The charging time is important to me as im normally in a hurry n i charge last minute. My Nokia's have never taken long. This is something only the users would know about.
so I would appreciate if someone could tell me.
Thank You ... in advance

  • Alamo

Thanx shaneus ...
ive heard u need to connect ur phone to the PC by some means to enable JAVA ... is this a Safe n Easy way ? B'coz i aint no wiz kid. Dont wanna mess up the software.
and any idea what's the latest software version available ?

  • jovialky

Hi, sorry but I would like to know how to update the firmware?? I really do appreciate if someone can aid me on this. thanks :)

  • Shaneus

To upload apps is extreamly easy once you have enable java (this is a 2 min job max).

The phone is still the best bang for buk on the market.

The video play back is fine. i have no issues. The max t-flash iv herd of is 256, but im sure a 512 will work.

  • Anonymous

To Alamo,
I am using XP with service pack 2 and theres no problem. my pc detects phone as usb drive as long as you set the phone usb settings connection to memory.
I have video d-loaded to my E398 by blue tooth from nokia 6600 . its on 3G format and theres no difference on the quality. its the same. I just dont know what other people are talking about.considering its price, man this phone is great.

I have a friend who bought SE K700i. at first he was ecstatic aboutit. it has video recording but lately, he has problems with it, it hangs and hangs real bad. he has to remove the battery to make it function.

  • New-User

Ive also read comments about the video playback being bad. How bad ???
and whats the max capacity of the T-Flash card that this phone supports ???

  • Alamo

If the pc detects the phone directly on Windows 2000 ... should'nt it work the same way on XP. i hope it does. B'coz it seems a whole lot easier to transfer files that way.
and can any1 tell me ... is it true the mp3's need to be on ur phone n not the T-Flash card for it to be used as a ringtone?

  • David

I've been using the E398 for almost one month now. I really like the abilility to play MP3s. However, I wish the phone directory would allow more contact information such as street addresses to be stored. I have been able to sidestep that problem though. I use my palmOne Tungsten T3 for that. One neat thing I have been able to do is use the Palm Dialer application to dial via bluetooth while listening to MP3s through the stereo headset. I have also been able to transfer photos from the e398 to my Tungsten T3 via bluetooth without any trouble. I have also successfully sent SMS from my Tungsten via bluetooth using the Agendus Pro Palm application. It is a lot easier to input messages on the Tungsten.

When connecting the e398 to my desktop Windows 2000 computer, Windows 2000 automatically installs a driver and treats the e398 as a USB flash disk. I am able to use Windows Explorer to copy and paste files directly onto the TransFlash card without using the setup cd bundled with the phone. I would recommend that anyone using this phone upgrade the TransFlash card to at least 128MB . To improve performance, you should also format the new card before you use it. Overall, this phone is great!

  • Anonymous

to new user,
you are right. nokia ngage looks ugly. moto E398 looks cool. you may be tempted to fuzz around it like installing skins,games but believe me there are guys who f####d up thier phones that way. if you are new to it, my piece of advice, let the professionals do it lest you want your new phone f####d up. I have read on other threads new phones F####d this way, and believe me they sure regretted it.

  • lai Phu Truong

E398 is great phone. but I can't find out drive to connect my PC. I search with key "E398 usb drive" but I result is no good. Any one can help me!!!

  • Luke

isnt there a video recording java app

  • Luke

Umm the e398 video recording is a hot topic. The new v635 the e398 and v600 cross breed may possibly have the right firmware to activate the video recording. Any opinions beacuse this would greatly increase the phones overall popularity

  • new-user

i may be a gaming freak, but i do intend to use to the phone for other purposes. to me the N-Gage iz a senseless buy. Games aint that important that it decides the look of the phone.
n thanks Shaneus ... that site seems to be usefull.
but if u need to go through all that trouble (though may be n easy procedure) to install games/app, is'nt a nokia or SE better ?
Honest opinion need... im not too smart where all this hi-tech phones r concerned. i like to keep it simple. thanx

  • v6

hello , may i know where can i download PST 6.7 for free ?

2. how about the installation for skin ???
is it use back the same software ??

  • v6

hello , someone knows that how to install theme , games to e398 ???

is there any software needed ??
where can i get this kind of software ??

  • Shaneus

For info on how to upload games go to this site
it is very easy.

  • Anonymous

if you are a gaming freak why dont you buy nokia Ngage?