Motorola Edge (2022)

Motorola Edge (2022)

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Yeets, 05 Jan 2024Bro I got mine from a deal for 30 bucksLink please

    hey gsmarena update to say this phone has a13, it has now rolled out to everyone

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      • Yeets
      • kSx
      • 05 Jan 2024

      omkar, 19 Dec 2023ufs 3.1. just bought new edge 2022 for 96 usd..Bro I got mine from a deal for 30 bucks

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        • Omkar
        • X%v
        • 03 Jan 2024

        MakeMotoBetterAgain, 22 Dec 2023canada got andriod 13, i dont know when USA is getting A13India..after 5 years

          canada got andriod 13, i dont know when USA is getting A13

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            • omkar
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            • 19 Dec 2023

            slightlyusedpsz, 18 Jan 2023Don't know about the UFS version, but it does have �... moreufs 3.1. just bought new edge 2022 for 96 usd..

              Anonymous, 20 Aug 2023Plz share your experience regarding gaming perspective.I've had this phone since it first dropped and I'm not the most heavy gamer but I game and everything I've thrown at it is handled with ease COD asphalt 9 Ginshin All the regular games I've tested this Dimensity 1050 chipset is really good. You won't be disappointed 👍

                Nbbear, 01 Oct 2023Apparently android 13 was suppose to sent out to moto edge ... moreAs of this post I'm still on Android 12. And the promises that were made when this phone was released sounded Very good. That was one of the reasons I added this device to my arsenal. I really hope there not gonna give my Motorola Razr Plus this same treatment.

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                  • RobX
                  • qyq
                  • 29 Nov 2023

                  Defective OS for HAS T3 (tesla coil) Hearing Aid Compatibility for Phone Calls
                  Supplier T-Mobile: The 2022 will connect to modern Hearing Aides - but has a glaring defect Motorola just refuses to acknowledge non-compatibility - despite hours of so-called technical assistance from Motorola (climb the ladder of Technical support).
                  Spent approx. 2 hr. 40 minutes with Motorola Technical Support.
                  Some of them are so English challenged, I would call back to get another. I was told that I was being raised to a next Tier Level Support - This was totally bogus! Each Tier had zero background, start at the beginning again. They pretended that Hearing Aide was not a feature of the phone that Motorola should support. Some next levels were so incompetent, I would just start over, and over. Eventfully I was at a top tier with a very rude person that appeared to have personal issues with people who are hearing impaired. They told me Motorola was not responsible for warranty, that my hearing aid had compromised my phone. That I should wipe my phone, re-root my phone and reload the OS on my own.

                  T-Mobile support after over 2 hours was instructed by upper managers not to discuss HAS. The local T-Mobile employees certainly appear to also have those instructions.

                  This model does connect to the Hearing Aide.
                  What Works with the Hearing Aide:
                  The Remote Hearing Aide configuration
                  The Audio (e.g. YouTube, other Players, Tones, Sounds) Volume control Up & Down
                  The Audio to Wireless connections ( Tones for connected) Volume control Up & Down
                  The Phone & Text Rings and Notification Volume control Up & Down
                  What Doesn't work - making it Useless:
                  Once a phone call is connected - the volume received is automatically at the lowest volume possible. The Volume UP doesn't function. This means any call received is at the Lowest Volume and can never be turned up! If in an extremely quite room, the conversation (at a whisper) is clear.

                  Background for those with Hearing Aid HAS T3 compatible:
                  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has wireless handset hearing aid compatibility requirements. These requirements deal with handset operations near hearing aids which operate in either acoustic coupling or inductive coupling mode.
                  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established technical standards to measure wireless phone handsets for "compatibility" with acoustic and inductive hearing aids and have been adopted by the FCC. These standards are known as Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) ratings.
                  Induction Hearing Aids
                  T3-rating indicates the handset has satisfied the ANSI standard
                  T4-rating indicates the handset has exceeded the ANSI standard
                  Company Model FCC ID Rated Compatible
                  Motorola edge XT2205-1 IHDT56AE7 M3/T3

                  HAS compatibility came about due to the Americans With Disabilities Act.
                  My intent is to provide guidance to others who are considering the right phone.

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                    • kSm
                    • 24 Nov 2023

                    Android 13 was rolled out on Nov. 6, 2023 according to their US website.

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                      • Sallu
                      • 6p{
                      • 16 Oct 2023

                      byder, 18 Sep 2023yes you can use esim!No you can't use esim in every model of Motorola edge 2022

                        Apparently android 13 was suppose to sent out to moto edge 2022 on Sept 25 2023 l. Fido / rogers update page shows it but Telus/koodo don't mention it. I did get the security update on 25th but not android 13

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                          • Sallu
                          • 6p{
                          • 24 Sep 2023

                          yuhi, 23 Aug 2023So this mobile, edge 2022, does not have an option to use 2... moreYes

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                            • byder
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                            • 18 Sep 2023

                            yuhi, 23 Aug 2023So this mobile, edge 2022, does not have an option to use 2... moreyes you can use esim!

                              just bought this phone to replace my G7 power that's aging and the camera aging for $150, hope it's good.

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                                • yuhi
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                                • 23 Aug 2023

                                Jasno , 03 Mar 2023Does not support eSIM. I bought this brand new and was surp... moreSo this mobile, edge 2022, does not have an option to use 2 network at same time, right?

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                                  • UUJ
                                  • 20 Aug 2023

                                  TAX1BUS101, 08 Aug 2023I have this and I no need telephotoPlz share your experience regarding gaming perspective.

                                    I have this and I no need telephoto

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                                      • techfromheaven
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                                      • 02 Jun 2023

                                      Anonymous, 25 Aug 2022I know right. We haven't had memory cards or headphon... moreDon't need to buy an old phone when the current Sony Xperia and Asus ROG phones support all that "antiquated" technology.

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                                        • gui3321
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                                        • 26 May 2023

                                        2johncorp, 17 Feb 2023Phone calls are dropped randomly and audio fails intermitte... moresame problem with my moto edge 2021 audio stop randomly phone call , messenger call , i try evereting but no change