Motorola Edge 30 Neo

Motorola Edge 30 Neo

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If this phone is around 300$, I'd buy it in a whoop

    Very short...I love it. Compact, lite, enough oumph... What do you need more.

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      • Gnusmas
      • nrN
      • 08 Oct 2022

      Motorola is pretty bad at camera performance

        On other websites, it is stated that this model has gyroscope, Gorilla Glass 3. Which is true? 🤔

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          • Tom
          • IVI
          • 07 Oct 2022

          Is the full review coming up? Thanks!

            Eric20, 06 Oct 2022Where? Country? Retailer?serbia. yettel

              phone is release please show all specification( glass type, build,ready for version support etc.. anututu geekbench gfx score etc.. thanks in advance

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                • Anonymous
                • d@D
                • 06 Oct 2022

                dbjungle, 12 Sep 2022I wanted it, but when I saw the GSM Arena Edge 30 Fusion re... morePixel 3/4/6a all share the same sony camera module. They are very good!

                  Is the gyroscope missing or the spec. is wrong?

                    Nikola88, 05 Oct 2022Put in features that it has ready for function. Excellent p... moreWhere? Country? Retailer?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • n$F
                      • 05 Oct 2022

                      Terrible battery, missing SD card, audio jack, very big disappointment from Motorola

                        optical fingerprint sensor extremly good. battery life beyond all expectations. feel in hand priceless. sounds system amazing. compass. nfc. nothing is bypassed. Recommendation from the heart

                          Put in features that it has ready for function. Excellent phone almost flagship for midrange price. Also every buyer gets Lenovo smart clock 2 with wireless charging

                            RAJESH, 23 Jun 2022Battery usage will be This 4000 mah phone for a 6.28in POL... moreYour estimate seems correct from real use experience (impession based on experience and not proper testing)... could be even better... curiously awaiting gsmare review and test results.

                              MindeDevill, 22 Jun 2022finally a smaller phone, all manufacturers should think abo... moreNot small but smaller than the average midranger nowadays... I would have preferred even smaller but it's also very light... made enough difference (for me) to choose it over better specced phones with 6.5"-ish screens.

                                Just a guy, 23 Jun 2022Rear mounted fingerprint? Why? Why not using side mounted ... moreWhy do you think? It's under display and works very reliably.

                                  James.D, 22 Jun 2022But the chipset is midrange, and no heavy skin. It'll ... moreI can confirm... no need to worry about battery life... screen refresh rate set to auto, light to medium use (no gaming though, just normal business, calls, emails, browsing, some youtube), all radios on (WiFi, BT, NFC)... 2 days battery life easily... but YMMV.

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                                    • xjf
                                    • 04 Oct 2022

                                    Anonymous, 04 Oct 2022It's not on the approved device list of AT&T. Can ... moreConsidering it hasn't even been released in the US, probably not :(

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                                      • Yi{
                                      • 04 Oct 2022

                                      It's not on the approved device list of AT&T. Can I still use it on AT&T network?

                                        Andy , 02 Oct 2022Battery 👎Battery life👍