Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

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rgffdgfd, 09 Sep 2022Under 5000mah battery is not acceptable for a flagship these daysWell, if it's like apple, then it is.

    Mojkhazaei1979, 09 Sep 2022And 3.5 mm Head phone Jack Just use dongles lol

      Pritam Roy, 10 Sep 2022No sd slotYes, it doesn't have, and?

        Irondingo, 12 Sep 2022Lenovo is KoreanWow what a silly person. Learn more about brands or just quit this platform.

          Anonymous, 13 Sep 2022Zenfone 9 and Xperia 5 ivBut they have only 2 years software support.

            S . SUDHAKAR, 14 Sep 2022Garbage phone. No memory card slot, no 3.5 mm jack, no a... moreYour just saying that because you can't find anything bad to say about this phone.

              Anonymous, 14 Sep 2022No RGB sensor = no buy No headphone jack= no buy No micro... moreDeal with the jack. Just get dongles.
              And deal with 256GB. It should be enough for moderate use.

                n0-way, 15 Sep 2022395 ppi density? 🤔, way too low screen quality! And no SD c... moreAnd phones from 2019 will never get any new android versions later than android 12.

                  Anonymous, 16 Sep 2022Average yes you'll get support 3 major OS updates. Jus... moreI dont think so, moto edge 30 Pro has only 2 years of software updates, so I highly doubt that this would have 3 years.

                    DMX, 16 Sep 2022Which of the current phones has a slot? stop living in the... moreSony has it.

                      n0-way, 16 Sep 2022excuse me but i beg the difference , there are still great ... moreIf 3.5mm jack sounds good, type-c sounds better!

                        n0-way, 16 Sep 2022note 10+ 12gb ram, 256 storage +sdcard + androind 12! xper... moreSamsung note 10+ is not going to receive any more software updates further than android 12.
                        And finally, Sony phones are usually bad when it comes to number of updates - 2 years of software updates.

                          Anonymous, 17 Sep 2022Not favorable as lacking in 3.5mm headphone jack and micro ... moreMove on. It's not even 2015. First let's start with the MicroSD card. Why would you even need SD card? 256GB shouldn't be filled up easily with normal usage.
                          And finally headphone jack? Deal with it. Use dongles.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • T4d
                            • 17 Sep 2022

                            Its good to see Motorola as a brand trying to come back into the markets. This year they have been trying their best to launch a range of products in all price brackets. I dont think any brand has a perfect device yet. Its a trial and error phase for all brands. If you would compare last year product range with this years its much better. You can write Motorola off today

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                              • nick
                              • 32{
                              • 17 Sep 2022

                              Dear gsmarena team, the price for this phone on motorola uk website is £749,99
                              please make a correction in price list, although is a winner already!

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                                • Anonymous
                                • IbG
                                • 17 Sep 2022

                                Not favorable as lacking in 3.5mm headphone jack and micro SD. They really missed that

                                  Anonymous, 16 Sep 2022You'll never get sd card for sure in the upcoming devi... moreexcuse me but i beg the difference , there are still great phones with great display[500+ ppi, or even 4k], sd card option, great big battery and 3.5 audio jack![music will always sound better with the 3.5 jack]! and IP65/IP68 dust/water resistant! Like ex: samsung note 10+, xperia lineup, etc. So from my point of view : it's not normal to pay a lot more for a 256gb/512gb/1tb version when you can just stick a sd card in it![way cheeper] So it's a matter of choice! Cheers!

                                    DMX, 16 Sep 2022Which of the current phones has a slot? stop living in the... morenote 10+ 12gb ram, 256 storage +sdcard + androind 12!
                                    xperia 1 mark 4 and the xperia 5 mark 4 , and the whole lineup!etc
                                    - So Stop acting like a sheep and OWN your phone like you wanted it and how you like it! Cheers. You can't have just 395 ppi on a phone and call it ULTRA! It's just a joke!

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                                      • sung
                                      • r39
                                      • 16 Sep 2022

                                      AnonD-930503, 10 Nov 2021You might need for professional camera zoom lens, because p... moreWhat's wrong with ur medulla man 😡
                                      "" Using telephoto is stupid"" HOW?
                                      "" iPhones has the best telephoto"" HOW? like how? In mobile history!! Surprisingly very funny 🤣

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                                        • itsastickup
                                        • 0RA
                                        • 16 Sep 2022

                                        In your usage how fake or realistic is the blur in portrait modes (50mm) compared to the class-leading iphone algorithm (at least from iphone 8 plus onwards). The pics in the review don't show progressive blur effects, like when the eyes are in focus but the face then hair is increasingly our of focus.
                                        Also, is blur user-adjustable? I want a LOT of blur at 50mm, like a f1.2 lens.