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  • Anonymous
  • kJt
  • 03 Dec 2021

Does not work on Boost Mobile but does work on T-Mobile. Comes with USB C 2.0 Cable so transfer speeds are very slow. Am using the Global (Moto G100) ROM.

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    • moto
    • 3SI
    • 14 Nov 2021

    Amazing phone. Very good screen, no Amoled-shit with pwm. Pure and fast Android and mind blowing Ready for (Desktop UI). Good work Motorola.

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      • AnonD-454049
      • PSB
      • 04 Nov 2021

      damn I never expected anyone to be able to undercut xiaomi... this is beyond impressive

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        • Andi
        • vgN
        • 29 Sep 2021

        Using Motorola ,for the first the battery have good SOC .but now after 6 month its drain with fast, i dont know wtf with this phone..

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          • Tyfyh
          • 3N8
          • 28 Sep 2021

          Too bad they don't sell in rusia :(

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            • Anonymous
            • 7ks
            • 14 Sep 2021

            Venkat, 17 Aug 2021When it is India launchIt's lpddr 5 ram support

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              • John
              • IVA
              • 20 Aug 2021

              Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021FM radio usually only on the budget models existLG and ASUS would like to have a word with you about that.

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                • Venkat
                • D02
                • 17 Aug 2021

                When it is India launch

                  Titanous Dong, 06 Aug 2021Did they use ZUI os on this one?No, it uses Motorola's new My UI which is very close to stock Android.

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                    • Titanous Dong
                    • t7X
                    • 06 Aug 2021

                    Did they use ZUI os on this one?

                      John, 10 Jun 2021Both Edge S and Moto G100 are exactly the same phones. The ... moreThe Edge S comes pre-installed with Google services. It doesn't have the play store (as no Chinese phones do) so you just have to download that but it does come with GMS installed so there is no need to install GMS.

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                        • LC
                        • XRU
                        • 26 Jul 2021

                        Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021you got any other hiccups here and there? and what other co... moreYes, actually! I have an unfortunate issue of not getting notifications from many apps, for reasons unknown to me. I tried everything I could think of to rectify the issue without success... Two system updates so far have made no difference. Also on that note, Motorola is always two months behind the current security patch from Google when they do push updates. I was on the March patch and now I'm only on May, but Motorola has become notorious for that.

                        Outdoor legibility is poor on the IPS LCD, especially on sunny days even with maximum brightness. Battery life leaves something to be desired despite 5000 mAh. Motorola also dropped the ball by giving it a mono down-firing speaker that is not of the best quality. The Moto G Power has a very similar design yet it has a stereo setup using the earpiece as a second speaker, not to mention better battery life.

                        I think the battery life suffers a bit due to the Snapdragon 870 being such a powerhouse. The phone can run fairly hot at times even if you aren't doing anything intensive. It is more powerful than a Galaxy Note 10, at least. ;)

                        Lastly, Google Assistant doesn't play well with this device for some reason. Every time I reboot, the shortcut key has I be reconfigured for it and accessing it with a wake word is not possible.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • swy
                          • 24 Jul 2021

                          John, 18 Jul 2021Just about the only thing missing from this phone is FM Rad... moreFM radio usually only on the budget models exist

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                            • Anonymous
                            • IVK
                            • 24 Jul 2021

                            Lewis, 10 May 2021I just got this phone in America and it's great! Cheap... moreyou got any other hiccups here and there? and what other cons can you say while using it?

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                              • John
                              • PIQ
                              • 18 Jul 2021

                              Just about the only thing missing from this phone is FM Radio support, or else I would have already replaced my current LG Velvet 5G with this phone.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 4Ac
                                • 17 Jul 2021

                                MOIZ Ur Rehman, 11 Jul 2021Does it have google play services?Yes, it comes with android

                                  Does it have google play services?

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                                    • MotoFan
                                    • Kxv
                                    • 11 Jul 2021

                                    John, 10 Jun 2021Both Edge S and Moto G100 are exactly the same phones. The ... moreYes, youre very correct!
                                    But you can manually download and install google services just like what I did.
                                    this phone is great! value for money

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • FcG
                                      • 01 Jul 2021

                                      John, 10 Jun 2021SD 870 still uses LPDDR4. Only SD 888 is using LPDDR5.both of


                                      they support LPDDR5

                                      my phone smartisan nut r2 with sd865 support LPDDR5
                                      u can search about it

                                      MI 10S also with sd870 support LPDDR5
                                      search about it

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                                        • John
                                        • ibk
                                        • 10 Jun 2021

                                        Jdogg4089, 19 Mar 2021The snapdragon 870 used low-power ddr5 ram. Although this p... moreSD 870 still uses LPDDR4. Only SD 888 is using LPDDR5.