Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25

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  • Malcaraz

My First Phone!

  • elvio

I need firt sim card to acces pls. provide octional code to acces.

  • Anonymous

no good especiall the moto roca flip

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2010I had problems with the holding of charge since the beginning - ... moreSolution: turn off the bluetooth

  • wellwisher

a total waste of time and money not a good phone battery needs charging everyday no good fone

  • Anonymous

I had problems with the holding of charge since the beginning - without usage standby time is 24 hours maximum - had sent it two times into guaranty-check but they couldn't fix it, they say its usual because of the GPRS consumption (lunatics) - I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem?!?

  • Anonymous

hi i was wondering, what colors is this phone available in?

  • HaVoCZ

I don't know y evrybody iz complaining bot diz fon, diz iz da bezt in itz class. Speaker fon n crystal talk iz awsum, sound quality iz very good thru speakers nd playz very nyz music wid slight bass, sliding mechanism nd design iz juz good az hell. Diz da bezt fon for uzing az a secondary fon, evn itz price iz cheap....

  • Anonymous

unathi, 09 Apr 2010does it have video?na...

  • prince

vitthal, 07 Oct 2009Hi friends, i want to access the interent in my PC, using this m... moreMr vitthal as you need to live update your MPT first after that in you handset go for main menu-settings-usb-usb modem than connect ur handset to you pc from back port of CPU than run MPT it ask profile put it default than connection mode should be usb than next it will detect ur handset than you will get you phone picture in you display there is one option of internet select that after that create new dialup connection setting for that is providedd to you by your sim provider it will surely work try this..

  • Anonymous

unathi, 09 Apr 2010does it have video?no, unfortunately.

  • unathi

does it have video?

  • minhaj

My EM325 had 4 times problems in warranty period and now after warranty they (service center ) told me if u have same problem within 90 days we will charge nothing and it got the same problem after 9 days only . this cell can not work for a single month . it is the worst mobile .

  • marilin

its the best phone buy it.

  • Michael

these phone is a fraud
motorola tell us that this phone can open videos and recorded also... but it cant do that

  • geogsm

AJAY DHIMAN, 22 Jan 2010i have a problem with my hand set my sim is ok but there is mass... moremaybe the phone is locked on network

  • Anonymous

very tough, i've dropped it heapssss, the internets OK but veryyyyy slow
Camera sux, voice recorder sux
I enjoyed it for a while but then i started to notice the glitches,
i wouldn't buy it again


on the screen a massage that unregistered sim sim is ok


i have a problem with my hand set my sim is ok but there is massage on the mobile screen unregistered sim

  • Dark

not because the battery discharge too fast and I can not do, help me please