Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25

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  • kevibeni

D-pad is an infringement upon SE's Walkman phones.

-SE fanboy ;)

  • Bo

I love the design! But why does it have to be low end??

  • Anonymous

honestly... i mean, why do moto still have a design team?
they are all obviously blind!

  • Filipe CÚsar

Very Nice
Excelente Celular!

  • t

hey ppl i need your opinion, should I get this phone or the other Rokr em28? thanks

  • Chintan

specs makes me think this should be a cheap cell.. the design is good. i hope motorola changes the interface... its quite boring

  • shadowed_angst

I dig its design. Much much better if it had EDGE; if spec sheets are correct, this would be the only EM with no EDGE. Still a beautiful low-end phone.

  • motofun

verry good and simple phone with excellent battery life. And, the best thing is, It will be cheap.

  • Zoom

wow im first:P cool phone nice design