Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25

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  • Josue

i don't know why you don't like this phone, if don't like it just let it in peace.

it has a good desing and good system.

none of you have use it, so just shut up............

  • Anonymous

these are mass market phones dudes. they claim majority of the market shares unlike high end phones.

  • Franky

this phone likes a rubbish!
please motorola make a superflous phone but with good price.

but i like motorola em30. it is great phone i ever seen.

  • Franky

i hope this phone for low-end.

  • Anonymous

What is happening to Motorola?
They are making some of the most disgusting phones atm..
They need to recreate some of there unique phones like the V80.
Motorola, stop making cheap looking pieces of plastic rubbish.

  • Anonymous

Not bad. Better than some of the other EM models. Good budget mobile...

  • Anonymous

this phone is awesome, i'm gonna get it the moment it comes out (sometime this or next week!!!) the design is beautiful, features are pretty good for a budget phone; fm radio with rds, 3.5mm jack, micro-sd card slot, mp3 player, 1.3mp camera, ect. Thank you Motorola for daring to make a new phone without the old razr design!

  • blah

unupdated? wtf? u mean outdate
anywho, nice design by moto like usual but specs could be better!! ( kinda waste of a design)

  • Anonymous

this phone is obviously ment for youth/prepaid budget users. Those people could care less about how many mega-pixels the camera on their phone is (most of the probably don't even know what megapixels are) so don't complain that this is a bad phone, for all your luck motorola could have made this phone with no camera or micro-sd slot, so just be thankful they did!

  • johndru

we all know that this is a LOW END PHONE with very cool design.

HOWEVER, will the price be as LOW as IT SHOULD BE when you consider the POOR features?!

i cant believe they made this a low end phone when they can easily make this as mid range! cool design but the features are sOOooOOOOoo unupdated!

  • G

I don't understand. Moto have an excellent looking phone here that could easily be a high end phone, but they go and spoil it all by putting on bad and outdated specifications?

  • Anonymous

ROKR EM25: Get What You Need
ROKR EM25 offers a genuine music player experience including immediate access to a stored music library and built-in FM radio, in a sleek, quality handset. The phone has a dedicated music key so consumers can simply access stored music and familiar music controls to play, pause, forward and rewind songs. Consumers can use FMShare to share a favorite station with friends by sending it in a text message and SONGID technology to identify a song while out and about.1-3


  • Me!

Can someone please tell motorola to Start Upgrading The Camera's That They Put Into the Mobile Phones,?

  • tyler

FINALLY! A motorola phone with fm radio and micro-sd slot that actually looks good! I can't wait to get, release it already!!! lol

  • Anonymous

Every brand has class. Low End, Middle End and High End. Motorola EM25 for Low End User. For Low End User; the most important is cheap price, can call and can messaging.

  • Anonymous

The design looks nice but the features ... Can we have a better one? pls ... I think many ppl would wish this phone to have a better spec... why MOTO always just get the "looks" only?

  • kevibeni

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Hmm, ok. Well it's certainly not an infringement upon the features of SE's phones, just look at the friggin' outdated...

  • Anonymous

If this phone got 2mp camera ,3G and QVGA screen would be the best phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2008why did moto announce all their prepay handsets all at once?! lo... moreThat's because the low-mid end users are the customers who help Moto to sustain its No.3 position in Q2 2008.

  • Anonymous

why did moto announce all their prepay handsets all at once?! lol they should have at least announced their high-end ones at the same time to balance it out!!