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Motorola EM25

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  • haha

my cousin has this phone. and im surprised when i look at his sticker model it says engineering model. his phone is a prototype. theres no indication of rokr at the back and it is color white....

  • 100 Moto

100 Moto, 26 Nov 2008This phone is known as EM325 in HK, mainland China, and Tai... moreCorrection: the HK/Asia version is also dual band only (GSM900/1800). For some reason I read from somewhere it stated EM325 is tri-band. Sorry for the mistake.

Actually last week I "almost" bought EM325 with EM330, only I found out EM325 is only dual band.

The shop salesperson was very nice to allow me to spend lots of time to test EM325, and overall I found EM325 is actually a bit better than EM330...with (much) louder speaker, larger fonts, etc...

Only I like tri-band phones and I don't really want to buy dual band phones anymore.

  • 100 Moto

This phone is known as EM325 in HK, mainland China, and Taiwan, selling for about US$128. (unlock and no contract)

The EM325 also supports tri-band (GSM900/1800/1900) as oppose to the dual band spec for EM25 mentioned here.

Indeed, merely by looking at the specs, other than the mon, EM325 seems to be comparable with the good old E2. Just wondering if the music quality is being as good as E2. If so, I'll get one.

  • Shyam Pal

Recently I"m using EM30 Cherry Motorola handset.

  • Anonymous

To: Unfair comparison people and unknownledge people.

Reviews and tests / Lab report: Latest mid-end music phones tested for sound quality.

Smape's opinion

The test results are quite self-explaining – Nokia and Motorola are leading. The former is known to produce some of the loudest phones on the market, the latter is generally associated with the best quality of audio output. Sony Ericsson can be credited with the best implementation of the A2DP feature and rich bundling of their products. Samsung has nothing to brag about, the strengthening of their music sector seen only as a future priority.

Author: Dmitry Ryabinin (

If you not agree, show me your expert test / advance test / complete test.

  • james dias

i am using motorola k1.its all functions are very good,and after seeing this model it will be very good phone and i am going to buy it right now. will u ?

  • antmiu2

two last questions ..

does this phone lack video playback??
how much hours of music can i get?(on headphones)??

  • antmiu2

ss, 07 Nov 2008i think nokia 5130 is a better music fonewhy??? i deciding witch to get.. this one haves better battery life but 5130 has 2.0mp

anybody help me on my decision!

  • uttam

Bassam, 05 Nov 2008Can any user in4m me about its music quality. I want best m... moreno motorola em30 e8 not bettar to music phone i like to nokia n91 n5610 is a bettar music phone

  • ss

i think nokia 5130 is a better music fone

  • Bassam

Can any user in4m me about its music quality. I want best music quality as EM30,E8,N81.N91... Does it do . Plz plz reply me..

  • lpornushine

p.o box 419 ashaiman golf cite ilike it thanks................

  • Anonymous

plz tell does this have video play back feature
plz reply me

  • Stuart

Nice design for a budget conscious market. From the specs, you can see which target market Motorola is positioning this phone - low end market. The design will impress you at this price range.

I can understand why there are so many questions with regards to "why not this feature included & why not that included" thing. The majority of the questions brought up here are on missing features but when the price goes up due to the additions, the position of this phone will then change to mid-end or even high-end resulting in higher price. The questions then will be price too high to justify, lack of 3G (for example), no wifi and so on. It's a merry-go-round thing, no matter what's added or what's not, the comments will still be the same, you can't have complete consumer satisfactions all the time. So ultimately, choose what you like, at the price within your budget and enjoy it. If your budget allows, go for higher specs phone... really, it's that simple.

  • Anonymous

Yes... It is only Dual Band

  • Anonymous

Could someone please tell me if this phone features Tri-Band (GSM 900/1800/1900)? GSM Arena says it's only got Dual-Band but I find that very hard to believe.

  • Anonymous

This is probaly one of the best motorola phone ive seen

  • Anonymous

beautiful, just love it.

  • victoria

the phone is nice and easy to handle. it signifies courage and power to the user. it has a kind of confidence that anybody using it taps from immediately. it's cool

  • Anonymous

Well done Moto - its cheaper than a Nokia 5300, same spec but with a 3.5mm jack - very nice. For music lover who dont need 3g and autofocus cameras etc its perfect. I would seriously consider this one - for less than $150, that makes it the cheapest 3.5mm jack phone.