Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25

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  • Anonymous

Nihar, 22 Dec 2008This is very worst phone that i have never seen in my whole life... morego and buy nokia 5310 for 9k it has 2mpx and still no autofocus!. you need AF for 1.3 mpx, go buy a Digicam!!

  • Anonymous

I dont know about em25, but i have a z6. if ur phone is on and bluetooth cant be discovered, there should be a option like Discoverable or something like that.

  • dhanaraj

can any 1 tell me can v view videos by uploading thro usb blue tooth.....i know it doesent hav video recording......atleast does it have video player

  • dhanaraj

ambooz, 07 Jan 2009i am using this phone for the last 1 month (EM 325 in india) it... moredoes this phone has video playback.....can v view videos by uploading using usb r bluetooth

  • ambooz

i am using this phone for the last 1 month (EM 325 in india) its a good phone considering the price . a very good battery back up and nice music quality.a nice design .

the problems i am facing with this phone is

blutooth sometimes wont detect other phones .

if i press the music key when the phone is closed the phone sometimes get stuck

you cannot mark files and send all at once using bluetooth

no zoom facility in picture viewer .

you cannot create folders .

you can buy this phone for its price,design, battery life and somewhat good music experience .

  • Anonymous

Yea, I've got this phone now, but I don't know about the bluetooth. I bought it in australia and it sed its only V.1 or Am i wrong? someone help plz

  • Anonymous

This phone is a worth in all aspects but a few drawbacks such as no MP4 or video player and insufficient internel memory.
I purchased it from motostore at price INR 5100. No memory card included in package butworks fine loaded with approx 150 songs in 1GB micro sd card. MP3 player is lacking equilizer but scores on the speaker quality. Radio is quite good and have recording option too,I would rate it's audio 3/5.

1.3 MP Cam is fine in daylight. It supports java MIDP james and other s/w. Browser included is quite fast. I am looking for some themes as it doesnt have any in built themes.

So i would recommend it as a good middle end cell.

  • bhavesh

video no flop

  • nexus

coolio, 23 Dec 2008its not that good id advise u to save yer monei and get somethin... morehmm you're right coolio.but em325 is specialy made for's graphic interface and menu is messed up.i seriously thing to go and resoft it with the original em 25 soft.but at his money..i am glad with it.of course an z3 or z8 beats it..but..finally's my phone and i like it.hope for better prices on rokr phones in the future.peace

  • coolio

its not that good id advise u to save yer monei and get something betta. no equaliser, no video its only 1.3 megs i seriously thought it was a good fone but regret getting it.. ;( and its actually called the em325.

  • et phone home

i just got this phone its great i love it:)

  • Nihar

This is very worst phone that i have never seen in my whole autofocus,no flash, camera clarity is soo poor.........

  • 100 Moto

Offal, 18 Dec 2008This phone has everything I need and would be my first slide pho... moreI just got my Z3 back...after being used by my wife and her sister, since Jan 2007.

Now is almost Jan 2009 and my Z3's slider still works perfectly.

Moto hasn't released that many slider (GSM) phones, though none of them has any slider problem as I'm aware of.

  • Offal

This phone has everything I need and would be my first slide phone. I'm worried about the slide mechanism breaking / wearing out with repeated use. Does anyone have much experience in that field, especially with the Moto slide mechanism? Just how reliable is that mechanism. How long would I expect it to last (need at least 2-3 years out of it)?

  • Priyanka

this is very good looking phone . just loved it . i am planning to buy this soon .
thanks motorola this is awsome

  • Anonymous

its not a linux its p2k

  • 100 Moto

caspian, 16 Dec 2008where's the speaker of this fon located?is it loud?The speaker is right at the front...where the cursor is located.

The phone is one of the loudest one from Moto I've ever seen.

  • caspian

where's the speaker of this fon located?is it loud?

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me about the Os system of this it LINUX or not...???

  • haha

my cousin has this phone. and im surprised when i look at his sticker model it says engineering model. his phone is a prototype. theres no indication of rokr at the back and it is color white....