Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25

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  • Jayme

can someone tell me how do i add the album art on this phone? i have tried everything but it doesn't apear

  • renato

hi . i dont no know use my bluetooth , you can say me how do?

  • Anonymous

The phone is really good!!!

  • Anonymous

that is not a very good phone . no lo recomiendo i think is wasted money

  • vitthal

Hi friends, i want to access the interent in my PC, using this mobile. But i am not able to connect. I have installed software also. Does anybody try to connect this PC for accessing interent (or even only sending SMS's)? Please suggest me what shall i do?


  • Anonymous

hahahaha...what the f
worst wastage of money.

  • Anonymous

itz an awsum phone..
my money is utilized by buying it...its a great phone really buy it...

  • mathi

what means "3g"?

what means "hsdpa"?

  • karthik

The phone is really good .....& value for money product

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • kishore

Is there any video playback option in it...? M not worried abt the video recording..I want video playback option..How's the battery life..? How's the sound output of the phone..? Thanx for the reply

  • Giselle

I really like this phone, but after reading the comments, are u guys looking for a mobile phone or a pc? i mean...a phone should work just as that...obviously it wont works great as a ipond, camera and video game's only a phone...
but anyway...people of the 1st. world...

  • Maggz

mxit only version 5.3.0. and varies sites say different things but no i dont think theres video yes perfect sound and even better space but the screen aint that cool it also doesnt zoom so no they lie no digital zoom well moving while you in zoom is worse.earphones are not loud enough tho.good point on the buttons that is very true,my q is tho who we writing all this info for? and sadly I,m over motorola its diplay is not to my liking. the block effect isnt up to my liking!

  • xxxxx

is this phone is really good to buy

  • Cornel

How much battery lasts ? And under what usage conditions ?

  • ram

rds fm,superb desing,3.5mm jack

small display(1.8 inch),1.3 camera,( iwant big camera,big display)

  • Carmen

Can anyone help me download Mxit for this phone, I am having difficulty. Does this phone even mxit?


  • Sipho

I just discovered the coolest thing about my EM25 guys!! You can use it even without inserting SIM card!! You can use it as a Music player and take photos and other things.. While other handsets wont work without having inserted the SIM card, the EM25 can!! I am impressed!

  • harjeet

i m harjeet i m useing a EM325 . but it a not a good phone bcoze my phone have many problem like main wire and its disply it is large problme to me ,i liveing at patiala and i was going at moto custmer center but yours empolaee do not tollrate to me and missbehave to me so in the end i am not satisfied yours service

  • juan

no sirve ese celular