Motorola L6

Motorola L6

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  • babyticoo

cant be connected to the computer., cant tranfer picture, videos or songs from phone to computer or vice versa.,

  • julezzz

i have this phone for 1 year by now, it's my job phone, it has 420 hours talktime, countless droppings, and no prob at all. for a phone, not mp3 player, camera or other hayrdryer or popcorn maker capabilities i'll give it 10+, no second thoughts.

  • Anonymous

have this phone still and use it if i cant use my nokia 6300 , it`s good but not as good as the RAZR but small enough to be a phone to call and text

  • carlos

i like the L6.but my only problem is the adjustment of the hurts my ears coz of the loud sound.. well.. motorola has a unique advanced design but the letters are so bold unlike the nokia...the whole screen is almost blocked by the big letters... thats it.. motorola is nice...

  • oo7

its nice according to its rate,,,,,
i m using it....but will change it shortly,,
the worst thing about is the memory,,,
which is very less,,,,,,especiallly when it has a bluetooth and USB connections.......

  • Anonymous

very good phone bought used 2 years ago droppd more tumes than can count even washd in pants pocket wont die cant beat it

  • aziz

how can i used the USB port...plz email to me!

  • menloudnet

can someone please tell me how to increase moto l6 memory thru

  • Rakib Mahamud

This supports MP3.But it has no volume changing options.This looks odd.

  • Anonymous

its a great fone, good battery life used it for calls,i have 2 phones nokia E90 and this..i loved it because it gives a long time of talk hours and when i see the battery its still full bars and everytime i accidentaly dropped this phone i am not woried because i know it will still works fine and it did!!

  • Raghavendraprasad

can I update L6i phone software?

  • Rafi_KU

it's smart phone. But have many problems in using both external & internal software. sometimes bcome angry on it for this reason.

  • Anonymous

how do i adjust the volume while listening to a song?

  • mmm

The motorola l6 is a great phone with great overall performance.The only problem is the memory i like phones with memory cards.but others wise i would reccomend it to a normal everyday person.

  • sajjad hussain

require software of motrola L6 for computer

  • Anonymous

It dosn't have an MP3 player but you can have them as ring tones

  • shehzad

It is very good phone if u want a duriable phone bqz i am using it from about 2 years but there is no fault come yet.this phone drops from me so many time but still it work the same even its battry woking the same .i also change its FIRMWARE so i can record video put to 10 to 15 min .

  • Anonymous

How do you change covers ? Is it need special tools to do it? Thank you

  • killer

it's good but have some problems like short battry live and bad colors and stupid softwear every thing else is good

  • Anonymous

I got it today, well , iīm very happy with it.Somehow it had a problem with the sms function but i managed to overcome it, by reseting the phone, now it works just fine.
Very nice design and good thickness very impressive indeed i donīt feel it in my jeans pocket
Good sound even though a bit worse than my benq-siemens S88
Nice set of functions
Good batery life

itīs screen itīs not terrible as all websites say, but the lack of contrast itīs very noticeble, it makes it very pale
A bit fragile

Overall i like it very much and for the price i paid 20€ used, itīs very good.i like also the mini usb conection, makes it very easy to conect with my PC.
My benq-siemens and many similarities with this software....