Motorola L6

Motorola L6

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  • sra4ko77­-2.rar.html
for dawnload or upload files (mp3/jpg/3gp)

  • icarus

this celular doesn`t have a Stopwatch

  • mercy

cute phone but apparently hard to type text/sms

  • myjel

just want to ask.. i tried to connect my L6 in the computer just so i can try and transfer files to and from it,but the comp. is looking for some kind of software/installer..can you please tell me where i can buy that..

  • Fireman67

I have been using my L6 for several months and the only thing I don't like about the hand unit is the battery life! It's very short and I also have a problem with the USB port connection. Other then that the phone was worth the money I spent.

  • Anonymous

I wanna mension some point about this set.
1. You can connect it with your computer and can receive pictures, ringtones, vedios etc through software.
2. It is not possible to increase it's memory through externel memory chip.
3. U can store sms in your computer through software.
4. U can run all java application including opera mini & mig33.
5. I think camera condition is average. Not bad but not so good.
6. Sound clarity is excellent. U can compare it with Nokia.
7. Display screen is CSTN. It is poor.
8. U can store upto 10 mp3 songs in 11 MB space and it is possible through software which can minimize the song's kbps.
9. Plz don't tell that battery life is poor. it depends. Battery life of this set is excellent. My phone can run continuously atleast 3days without charging.
10. Metal body is really good.
I think i have answered many of your questions. if you have to know more plz email.

  • lavender

can you pls tell me how do you put some mp3 on motorola L6 phone??pls email me. .here is my email tnx!!. .

  • Onizuka

I like the phone... bt untill now i cant even get the right set up for the gprs/mms... been using the phone for almost a year..
already called to my service provider few times bt still wont work... somebody pls advice...

  • gimpy mc nipples

i loath the sight of this phone. i smash he screen with myteeth once while biting it out of frustration. stay away.

  • Trupti

it a not good phone .it's not having the memory slot ; themes
THE CAMERA quality is not good it's just the VGA camera
I having also problam with it's headphone aslo

  • James

Honestly.,.,I dont like the camera of this cellphone.,.,Even u change the mode.,.It still yelloish

  • g.jon

a nice phone.but i have a problem with the software.anybody can recommend any good IM software for the L6i?plus its download site.

  • Gaurav

Its a nice fon but how can i download theme in it..................?

  • andrew

guys i need a help how can i download games through this phone? im using computer to donload but i cant able to put it in my L6.. hat should ill do? plz. e-mail me at


this is worst phone.i have three pieces and all were started giving problem after 1 year.

  • Carl

I am planning to buy this kind of phone.. dOes it work propoerly???

  • eve

well i have been having motorola L6 for almost a year now but now im having a problem...the screen just wouldn't switch on when i tried to on it and i have just charge it a day ago..and when i connect the charger cable to my phone the screen turns on and the battery is full but when i disconnect the charger again, the screen went off!! well i just wanna know if its the battery's fault or something else is wrong? is there anyone having the same problem as well?

  • Anonymous

i like this phone. it's simple, yet capable of doing any normal task! i like it very much! it is a little thin,though...

  • nyorkor

I want to dalow some tone movie on my phone which is motorola L6 byt I dont have the driver for it So I am asking you to make it easy for me thank for your ubderstand.