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  • lek

i got this phone...its nice but i want this w/ card i can store more pictures and music....this could be swalp to L9?! how come?? can u help?

  • TamTam

Although this phone is pleasing to the eye, it is NOT durable atall. I have had this phone for a little over a year. For the first month or so I thought it was ok, kinda cute. Then I realised it had several issues which became more and more of a problem as time went by:

Firstly it has to be charged like every 5 or 6 hours. The battery is not powerful enough to handle the features of the phone, and results in a dying or dead battery every few hours.

Secondly, the phone has a tendency to freeze. This started to happen more and more frequently as the phone got older.

Thirdly it has some sort of PTT malfunctioning. Everytime I turned it on it gave some sort of error message about PTT contacts, even though I did not even touch the PTT button on the side. This also started to happen more frequently, and randomly (i.e. when the phone is on and I have not even touched it).

The camera and video quality is VERY low. The images are fuzzy and out of focus... I can barely make them out.

The camera has very LITTLE memory, so that it can hardly hold any pics, videos and mp3's. Unlike the L7 this phone does not come with a memory card slot!

About 2 or 3 months ago the phone started to go blank. I would have to take out the battery and slip it back in for the phone to turn on. Finally it just never came back on, it doesn't take the charge, it is just totally USELESS now.

I must add that these problems are not because of misuse or maltreatment of the phone. Physically the phone looks like it did the day i bought it. I never drop it, or toss it around... it doesn't even have scratches on it. Therefore I have not contributed in any way to the problems of this phone... the phone is just of POOR quality and at a very POOR standard.

I would not advise ANYONE to buy this phone.

  • Boris Yeltsin FBS

I just got this phone about 30 minutes ago, and for the first 28 minutes I really think I hated it.

It's this ... this excuse for a keypad.

If you have very tiny thumbs or very long thumbnails sharpend to the point of a stylus, you'll be fine.

If you have normal thumbs, well...

  • AL2504

hey salman its c drive, can do it with moto midlets manager easyly availabel on net.

have a nice day

  • got yah

this phone is just quite good but its phone memory is too low just like the ordinary phones that are sold on a very cheap price!!! gosh i thought i will enjoy this phone!

  • salman

ai got this phone....i want to add some softz to it.....just wanted to know wats the memory drive address of it..... like C:/ or D:/ so i can giv it to apps to store data....thanks

  • Desiree

How can I transfer sms messages from the phone to my sim? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

not worth any time/money. motorola is the worst phones to buy. i have a little over 112hours and this phone will randomly freeze while im in the middle of a convo, or while im texting. worst phone to get please avoid!!

  • Anonymous

ma mums hud this phone since 2006 and the screens dryin out any recommendations for a new phone??

  • Ramesh

if you ask me which is the phone which will give greatest value for the money, it would be l6..great phone...i am in it for about 1.5 first i never thought i could do these much things with this phone..highly modabble phone (if you know what modding is) best phone in the price range 4000-5000..there are some very good people at working continously for improving this phone...


sec code. is all zeroo.. try it

  • ali12345

Hey I forgot the security code in L6, can anybody tell me how to unlock it. please reply

  • nishantha

i wornt L6 software CD

  • mj

nice phone!

  • isaac

a dummy phone

what about a lie of video, and imagine no radio who needs this can i get a replacement but not of same model!!!

  • Anonymous

ive had mine just under a year and it just doesnt turn on half the time
also i get sms' like 30 min after theyre sent

  • markuz

damn phone.

  • Mankid

2 transfer files to your cool l6 use PC Bluetooth It is less than 200 or 150 $$

  • sra4ko77­t=Popularity
links for java games for L6