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Motorola L6

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  • Pelair

Yeah, Just go to You'll get all the help you want there.

  • Anonymous

Sleek looks and design
Excelent touch and feel
Nice bunch of features for the price (bluetooth,vga camera, support of mp3)

Average screen, (but still visible in the sun) which blows away any chance of the adavntage of the camera
Average atonomy, i would expect more from a phone that uses CSTN screen
Not possible to transfer images via bluetooth instead you only have the option of moving, so if move you loose the picture/sound etc....

Still it´s an excelent option, for those who want a nice phone with smart looks instead of using those cheap handsets...I use it as my second phone, for better i have the benq-siemens s88

  • Anonymous

any way to upgrade the memory of L6

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me how to get the software for downloading photos to my computer from the L6?

  • Rizal

Can I upgrade motorola L6 in order that can play MF Radio?

  • tania

i am not gettin any sound from my phone,can u tell me what 2 do. i'm goin crazy out of mi mind. i urgently await ur response

  • rose

anyone here can help me how to open/activate the MMS of my motorola L6? kindly email your answers to this email ad ( i appreciate 8 2 much f anyone can answer it..thanks n advance..

  • anna

mahirap repair ang antena signal at fast drain sometimes when it is damage

  • Trainel

can you please tell me if the Motorola L6 has a delivery report on it,for texts, (just to let me know they have received message) if so, where ??

  • mido

this mobile is exellent but its memory is very low

  • Anonymous

i love it!! very stylish...i dont care abour the memory...what is important is the performance of the phone...if anyone has a problem with this unit..maybe its over misused...

  • Romel

I just wanna ask on how toi open the GPRS of my L6 Motorola...

I need your reply right now. Thanks

  • gman12

cool , phone no mp3 ..but not bad

  • alo

excellent set

iam using for ab8 18 ,mnths iam completely satisfied

  • b. chitra

I am using the phone for the past 1 and half year, it is good, but i want to attach memory card to it to listen to music, is is possible for me to do that, please reply me.

  • Bazz

This is by far the worst phone i have ever had.
It looks really cool...but thats about it.
This thing causes so many problems its not worth the time or the money.
I mean you canbe talking and then...evrything goes dead...Ah surprise surprise the L6 has frozen once again

  • vijay

i am using ths fone for the past three it has offerd me the worst experience u user can ever get. i think diggin a mountain out of a mole hill is easy and less time consumin.ths is very cumbersome to handle........... if u hav any enmy go dont waste ny time gift him the stylish new l6i

  • cool

it is a really bad phone!!!!please do not buy it even for is the worst phone of all times.not worth the price given to 6030 is a better buy than's really bad!!!!!no memory card slot,its not worth it!!!!!!

  • Luc

When you least expect it, your screen might just go completely blank indefinetly! This happenned within a week to three people who live in the same city but at different geographical locations. Your network and sim card works fine but you wouldn't be able to see anything on your screen. Be warn, save your contacts on thhe sim!

  • ness

i must say that this problem are not because of misuse or maltreatment of the phone. Physically the phone looks like it did the day i bought it. I never drop it, or toss it around... it doesn't even have scratches on it. Therefore I have not contributed in any way to the problems of this phone... the phone is just of POOR quality and at a very POOR standard.

I would not advise ANYONE to buy this phone.