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Motorola L6

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  • motolove

the volume is good in a noisy environment. the sms-ing is very easy on the fingers! love the buttons! calendar function is very useful.

problem: need to purchase a software to communicate to PC.

  • moto

slim fits nicely to my jeans pocket! blue lights on keypad is so cool!!

  • moto

been using the phone for 2 years. i love the design and the blue light on the keypads. and it fits nicely to my jeans pocket, not bulging out like other big and thick phones!! L6 is 1 of the slimmest phone around! buttons are nice for sms-ing. pretty fast processor. volume is good, in a noisy environment, can increase the volume & you'll be able to hear the other party clearly!

the only problem is that i need to purchase a software to connect it to PC! anyone knows any software i can download?

  • Anonymous

As a basic phone what do you expect for only £19.99 from the Carphone Warehouse? If you are only in the market for a straightforward device I would suggest that for £50 more you could get the award winning Nokia 6300.

  • Extr3m

I got this phone as a gift..and in my opinion the only problem whit it it`s that it has`nt got a slot for memory cards

  • kittyd

i have 1 and i love it... i go it as a gift

  • kittyd

i have 1 and i love it... i go it as a gift

  • svdalvi

Trainel, 15 Apr 2008can you please tell me if the Motorola L6 has a delivery re... moreGo to outbox.The msg party's name will be preceded by image of an envelope with a tic mark on it.Means your msg has been received by the person you have sent to.

  • svdalvi

Rakib Mahamud, 09 Dec 2007This supports MP3.But it has no volume changing options.Thi... more Press central key down,then press left key if you want to reduce volume or right key if you want to increase,as per your need.Then press back key again.

  • trini

my boyfriend had this phone its really cool to bad soft drink fell on it and that was the end of it i miss it so bad.

  • sash

Alex, 22 Jun 2008toput mp3 music download the music onto ur comp then connec... moreno memory software horrible mistake and sa....

  • Alex

MOJI, 05 Jun 2008how can i download mp3 songs to my fone..wen i tried it the... moretoput mp3 music download the music onto ur comp then connect it with ur phone using a usb cable

  • Ross

Anonymous, 01 May 2008Pros: Sleek looks and design Excelent touch and feel Nic... moreActually, I've not got this phone, but both my Mum and Dad have this phone and none of them have complained once about it since they got it more than 1 year ago. It is possible to keep the pictures when sending them via Bluetooth. Simply click on the option 'Copy' not 'Move' and you will copy the image and still keep the original picture...

  • MOJI

how can i download mp3 songs to my fone..wen i tried it the last time, it said i nid 2 install something..oops.

  • Anonymous

ali12345, 01 Feb 2008Hey I forgot the security code in L6, can anybody tell me h... morehave you tried -and *

  • tony

i got the phone from my mum, have had it a while, have all or some of the problems that others have said especially the battery problem, and mum had the same prob too. can anybody let me know how i can take photos,a and recieve them, i would like to know what proxy 2 means if anyone out there knows. cheers.


I bought one but could not have software. Need one plz, help if you have, Africa

  • Gabe Russell

Purchasing this phone is nothing less then a horrible mistake. I have one and it recieves both horrible reception is clear area and is terribly uncooperative with simple commands. Dropped calls? Ya it has plenty of those too for absolutely no reason. Buying this phone was a HORRIBLE mistake.

  • Anonymous

Nice phone, very slim...

K, I know this sounds stupid but I received this phone as a gift a year ago (10 months) but, I just used it for two days coz it was too advanced... so Im back to my old beat up Nokia. But this phone is still very nice, just... not for me... Very slim

  • Anonymous

l6 does not have a memory card slot memory can be extended....
and for transferring pics from your mobile to your computer u need to have motorola phone tools software