Motorola L6

Motorola L6

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  • khan

i would like to say something more abt this phone iliked all stuffs of tis phone

  • nick

i would like to ask if anyone knows how to change l6i covers? i recently bought a casing for it... pls help me

  • Pakone

I purchased it new and used for 18 months. Now its screen has gon blank and I could not get it OK despite spending money.

  • str4w hat

the phone is good but not good at price, at indonesia the price is very expensive, i want this hp

  • Emmanex

Nice in style, also good in weight but after 3 month my keypad light never go off.
any body know why?

  • siva

svdalvi, 05 Jul 2008 Press central key down,then press left key if you want to redu... morehi svdalv thank u 4 ur help because i was suffered a lot coz don't know how to increase or decreas the volume while song is playing u helped me to know how to do it thanku againn bye

  • mr C

It will be better if the phone has expansion slot for memory...

  • Anonymous

celladik, 16 Aug 2008can somebody answer my question? Does this phone charge even ... moreit is supposed to charge either on or off...i, unfortunately, still have this cell. go get your aunt's cell checked

  • celladik

can somebody answer my question?

Does this phone charge even if it is on and off? My aunt's phone is not charging when it is on. is that normal?

Pls i need the answer right away Thanks

  • chaleo

love this phone so much... L6i is my phone.. features is ok for me.. same with the design..

  • astoy

i love this phone

  • USER

juz simple fon..
nice but function not good

  • samuel

connection to PC formular

  • Atif

geetesh, 22 Jul 2008how volume can control. it's volume is alwage maximam when music... moreHey geetesh!!! Just play the song/video and press the menu button ,there either use left key 4 lowering the vol or right for maximizing da vol...


Great Phone for cost and design for what it's supposed to do.
PC Communications Suite is called Motorola Phone Tools. Current version is v4.60.
Use you favorite search engine.

  • geetesh

saira, 20 Jul 2008motorola l6 supports internet connectivity via bluetooth or not... morehow volume can control. it's volume is alwage maximam when music/video recording playing.

  • saira

motorola l6 supports internet connectivity via bluetooth or not? i mean that is motorola l6 supports blue tooth internet conectivity by pc?

  • motolove

the volume is good in a noisy environment. the sms-ing is very easy on the fingers! love the buttons! calendar function is very useful.

problem: need to purchase a software to communicate to PC.

  • moto

slim fits nicely to my jeans pocket! blue lights on keypad is so cool!!

  • moto

been using the phone for 2 years. i love the design and the blue light on the keypads. and it fits nicely to my jeans pocket, not bulging out like other big and thick phones!! L6 is 1 of the slimmest phone around! buttons are nice for sms-ing. pretty fast processor. volume is good, in a noisy environment, can increase the volume & you'll be able to hear the other party clearly!

the only problem is that i need to purchase a software to connect it to PC! anyone knows any software i can download?