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  • Anonymous

Hi, I bought recenty a L6, but I can recharge battery, and the message that appears is: Impossible to making recharges.
What can I do???

  • Anonymous

how do I download my videos/pictures to my computer i'm outta memory

  • Anonymous

to chinthu to enable the sms report you have to do that each time you send an sms when you type your message press menu key message options delivery report on, remember you have to do that each time....

  • fahad

i bought this phone really is awesome..apart from the fact that it has only 10 mb memory so mp3 is useless...gud camera but another tiny whiny problem is that the video duration is not much..infact each video is maximum of 30 to 40 seconds!!! n yes u can copy pics from it to ur comp by connecting the mini usb from between comp n phone same as trhe mp3...use the mii usb

  • loopy loopy louie

Can anyone please help me find the music player ??? confused please help

  • kim

can someone tell me on L6 can you put songs on the phone from your computer.

  • Greedy

how can i get my pic off of my phone do i need software i bought this phone is singapor please help!!!!

  • chinthu

Have any one used motorola software update to update the s/w of our phone for L6.Is there any change in s/w after updating?
Thank u

  • chinthu

can anyone tell me how to make delivery report for sms can be made on by default in motorola L6.

thank you

  • ajay

motorola L6 is the best choice compared to others of the same cost.
But it has a lot of problem as it has poor message capacity inbox becomes full even with less than 50 messages,delivery report for sms cannot be made on by default u have to make in on on each message

  • lee

I have L6 and i have recorded woice in my multimedia message. Can anyone answer me how can I save that sound to my sounds folder.

  • charles-henry louis

this phone is wonderful.I give it 10.
i'd like to have one so tell me where can i find it.
it's my favorite phone.

  • boyz

who one can tell me that motorola L6 can store how many message in the phone memory??? thanks..

  • boy

If u want to change the storing from SIM to PHONE can be done.If your SIM is full of message click on Message - Message Inbox - Menu - Message Setup - Txt Message setup-Change it to store to phone.vice versa also can if ur phone is full of message.

  • sheena

can anyone help me? my l6 normally holds 50 messages. but now i've got 37 messages and it says "memory low, please delete messages in inbox." i deleted ALL of my inbox and outbox messages and the memory meter is 3/6. isn't it supposed to be 1/6? can anyone help me? thanks in advance :)

  • Boy

The camera quality is poor.
The sound is perfect.
Does anybody know where can i get the CD driver to save the MP3 or picture from pc to handset. How much it cost ?

Thank You


hy,rar,i got the answere at your qestion:is not posible 2 store messege from sim card into phone,the messege are been stored automaticly into the memory that you selectet before!

  • jay

Yes Yes Yes the motorola L6 works with T-mobile and yes i'm talking about the triband version but its better if u enable the 850 band the web site for that is i know u probably asking ur self how i know this information I have T-mobile and the motorola L6 and it's quadband : )

  • Mongoose3800

To cezar: My son had an SE K300. Unfortunately it sustained a very hard hit and broke the screen. He begged me to get him the L6 as a replacement despite my advise that it looked like a bad phone. Sure enough after 1 month it is about to be sent away for repair - The display is corrupted. But, in this short time even my 12 year old son has relised that the display, camera picture quality, sound and menu of this phone is substantially inferior to even the lowest level SE. He now wishes he had listened to me and stuck with SE or even a cheap Sagem rather than this junky slow phone.

  • rad

hey guys.. i need to ask smthing.. how do i store msgs from my sim card to the phone?