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Motorola L6

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  • Anonymous

Please does anyone know if the Motorola L6 works with T mobile. Please give a testimonial answer not an "i think answer" Bye.

  • mant1z

I Have this phone, and it's realy great, i have about 6-7full mp3 songs but this songs is the 32kbps...
On this phone camera ir veary bad...

  • cezar

hi guys there.

this phone is soooooooooo cheap here in php... P5000 is very cheap for a phone with a 10mb memory and bluetooth and a large display, i have k300i now and i admit this has better features than K300i in it's price but i want to know the performance of this phone comparable with K300? coz my K300 performance is very good and i want to have another phone in a cool price just in my k300i's performance. can you tell me?

  • Anonymous

to posters asking about adding more songs
to do that convert your mp3's into a less quality so you get more also be sure that they are in mono format they will take half space...

to kate switch the bluetooth on from the bluetooth menu in the main menu and to send something mark or high light the item/items you wanna send then press menu=>copy to mark many files quiqly press 0

  • Sukoi

Motorola must give the USB driver with the hand set.It is non sense to buy an incomplete product.Feeling like I got cheated

  • Vlad

you can listen only few songs, the phone have only 10 megabite memory!

  • Anonymous

oi i have this phone it is ite but i can't hold very many songs why ???? coz i have got 4 songs and i can't hold anymore why is that and i have not got very many pics so that can't be it so i really want to no what i can do so i get mores songs thanks xx

  • sam

how many songs can you put on this phone

  • kate

i have just got the silver l6 and i thought that you could use bluetooth on it but i cant find it anywhere n its not on the browser or maybe you have to set it up so somethig?
.... sum1 please help me find it !

  • SaL

you have to go to options when your on the video and then you press left or right to lower orraise the volume

  • fabregas

adrian its simple to lower down the vol when playign videos
when u playing it.. click the centre button above ur joystick... and clikc left or right to increase or decrease... alrite?... : )

  • fabregas

guys i wanna know how do we send pics from ur fone to the com... i entered my emaill it says sent.. but i check my mail even after 5 hrs its not there.. pls help me

  • adrian

Grrr ... just bought phone & have just realised that i am unable to turn the volume down when playing videos.

Anyone got any ideas how this can be done.

  • K

hey,i recently bought the pink's great..i love all the features...wish it had a radio tho..but question is how do i set up my browser...i'm trying with my local phone provider and i think they dont recognise the keeps saying the model # is wrong.any suggestions??

  • Gareth

What is the quality of the camera like, is it good, poor, or brill

  • joes

this is a cheap mobile... i hope there is an headset or troubleshoot so i can use it oftenly.. have problems sometimes

  • Anonymous

to Madi yes you can download a program that transfers the jar files into your phone plus a lot of free great software that will enhance your phone like and all of em are free....

  • Madi

wow this phone is absolutly great!
i got the L6 in pink a few months ago, and I love it!
Ive bought a usb cable and software, and have put 7 mp3 songs onto it, the quality is brilliant, its a shame you cant add more.
Btw, is there a free way to download game/ringtones/pictures for your phone from the internet onto your computer, and then transfer them over to your phone? If anyone knows a website please tell me!
if any people r going to buy the phone soon, i reccomend it completly!

  • spulman

how long can it film?

  • Anonymous

to Qoo yes this phone has a mini USB port witch is used to connect all the additional stuff including headphones and it supports stereo ones....