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Motorola L6

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  • Dave (Chile, S. AMer

I used to have this phone, you can bye the mini usb cable in any cellphone store, and to used it with your PC, you have ti install de software that comes with the v3, and configured it as if you are conecting a v3, cause the v6 isn't already included in the software.

  • T.I.Malik

Just bought this set look-wise it is really great and seems to be excutive class set, but LCD is not that good as should be, just got CSTN 65K colour. TFT LCD is much better, camera's result is so so.

  • JEFF

Hi fellas, just purchased a motorola L6 just to find out that it has a usb slot but no cable and software. has any one notice that. I have searched every conner of the internet for the software. any help guys!!!!!

  • mh

I wanted to upgrade my razor v3 so i tried out the L6 at a store. The phone looks great and is much lighter but the screen is alot smaller than the v3. Also, the speakerphone on the L6 is no good.

  • david reitter

I've written a driver for the L6 for iSync and Address Book on the Mac, available here:

  • Saleem Afzal Malik

I have seen this hand set in market and know I am of oppoin that it is a perfect set in all respect. A seems a classic piece. Now I love it.

  • DewAsmara

This phone, officially from Motorola launch as Three Band Global GSM with GPRS. But as mostly new Motorola chipset, they are trully Quad Band, so you have to do is just doing SEEM Editing to launch it's 850 Mhz, and whola you will see Quad Band GSM. For EDGE support, well sorry cannot do anything, as they said only chipset with EDGE Modem can be modified in EDGE but GPRS Modem cannot be firmware upgrade to be EDGE Modem.

  • Raj C

Well were can I start with this beast of a phone. Every feature rocks this from any Nokia 1100!! Oh yes. Unlike it twin the Motorola V3 its got better connectivity via Bluetooth. The camera is stunning and the video is amazing for the price and quality of the phone. Its got a easy to use menu and joystick than the V3! and the MP3 Player has crystal sound playback. The bluetooth is much easy to use and heres were u think its a joke its the hieght of a Nokia 7250i!But its still 20% thinner than the v3. And its very light for only 85g.

Heres the downside it only got 10mb inbuilt memory but those people at motorola forgot to put in a memory card slot. I mean how thick could you get!

Overall if you have a pay as you go budget of 100 go for this only on 1 condition.

You must be a light user of the bluetooth as the phone gets full easly!

  • Srikrishna Pothukuch

Its a master piece in style and functionality. I judged its usability by able to operate without even reading the user manual. Not having flip unlike the Rajr V3, made it more affordable to handle a call easily. One issue is lack of memory expansion cards. Overall this is the best piece.

  • Paddy English

Just got one here in the uk on Vodafone... Very very good looking phone ..Not a lot of spec but then again i dont want a PDA style phone.. Calls are nice and clear, Its easy to sms and it has a camara... Thats all i need in a phone.. Oh and did i say it was very good looking? WOW....

  • TekSavvy

I just got this phone in the U.S. I have to say, I really like it. I now have to wait for Apple to add it to iSync so I can sync my contacts and iCal info. I can send wallpapers and such via BT but that's all for now. The clarity is exceptional and I am very happy so far. I emailed Motorola to ask if I can program the button on each side, I am awaiting their response. The one button launches the web browser and I would rather program it to do something else. Either way, this is a nice, solid phone and it isn't heavy. It's so think that it fits in the front pocket of my shirt.

  • cinderella

my comment is, why also one colour only? dont have white colour ka?

  • Anonymous

it just duznt seem like tha fone you should give ur gurlfrend for christmas. It has no look to it other than its skinniess. A fone like nokia 3230 in the orange colour wud b awsumly nice. This fone tho.. should have some grip features.. cuz like its a small fone.. if you drop it... itd done with. like that'll b tha end of it. Id recommend gettin sumthin cheap.. yet nice looking.. that even if u drop it.. duznt cost u much. cuz u kno wut.. tha cost of living has become quite expensive now a days.. so u decide for urself.

  • Anonymous

its too simple..

  • Anonymous

its not that nice..

  • Anonymous

yeah but if youre in ireland you can get motorola e770v for alot cheaper with 100quid credit and plus e770v is a 3g phone

  • pixie

out in o2 shops in ireland for 149 euro with 90 euro free call credit....its great!

  • Prashan Kedia

just got one yesterday... in india. the following observations.
1. Sorry NO email support (thats SAD in todays world)
2. the blue light (on the key pad) ugly shade of blue...should have been like the V3 cooler blue.
3. no support for MPT as yet.(but you can hook it up as V330 it works)
4. plastic painted keyboard... bad on a closer look.
5. the back door is of alumunium the rest is plastic..come on MOTO.... you cant do this.
6. only 500 phone book...WHY MOTO??

Now the PROS.
1. slim it is...(slimmer than my Lamy pen when seated firmly on the desk)
2. abmient light sensor keeping the keyboard light off in lighted situation.
3. No Flip... I hate the V3 for the flip
4. battery looks good as of now.
5. good call quality and call volume (equal to a Nok 6310i I would say)
6. Better Center Navi Button (way better than V3)
7. Glass Screen (this one is to keep the PROS count higher than CONS)

I would say this one is a Killer phone.


  • nathan

its sick i love it
so much i alwayz take it out wit me
get it tust me de vidio n camra n buletooth is sick in d head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D

  • dan

Just got one, its cool...but tri-band. Meaning I have almost no coverage (Cingular). If you are T-mobile you are probably OK. Anyone need a L7 cheap?