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  • Prashan Kedia

just got one yesterday... in india. the following observations.
1. Sorry NO email support (thats SAD in todays world)
2. the blue light (on the key pad) ugly shade of blue...should have been like the V3 cooler blue.
3. no support for MPT as yet.(but you can hook it up as V330 it works)
4. plastic painted keyboard... bad on a closer look.
5. the back door is of alumunium the rest is plastic..come on MOTO.... you cant do this.
6. only 500 phone book...WHY MOTO??

Now the PROS.
1. slim it is...(slimmer than my Lamy pen when seated firmly on the desk)
2. abmient light sensor keeping the keyboard light off in lighted situation.
3. No Flip... I hate the V3 for the flip
4. battery looks good as of now.
5. good call quality and call volume (equal to a Nok 6310i I would say)
6. Better Center Navi Button (way better than V3)
7. Glass Screen (this one is to keep the PROS count higher than CONS)

I would say this one is a Killer phone.


  • nathan

its sick i love it
so much i alwayz take it out wit me
get it tust me de vidio n camra n buletooth is sick in d head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D

  • dan

Just got one, its cool...but tri-band. Meaning I have almost no coverage (Cingular). If you are T-mobile you are probably OK. Anyone need a L7 cheap?

  • P Kedia

buy the way how does GSM Arena Sorts the Phone Makers List on Left. Nokia on the Top...but nokias phones sucks......other than the 6310i.(king)
watch out for motorolas phone users....L6 Looks a Killer.....
Push Motorola on the Top of the list GSM Arena. Alumunium Phone.......... where is Nokia SE and others designers .....

  • Anil Kumar Porwal

Guys, GSMarena has goofed up on the review. No doubt, the phone is very good to carry and extermely good to use too, but (1.)It is Triband GSM 900/1800/1900 (2.) It does not have EDGE(3.) It has a 65K CSTN Display - Not a 256K STN (4.)It has a 500 entry multiple field (almost a dozen fields) phonebook, not a 1000 entry phonebook. Rest all is correct but they have not mentioned about the scratch resistant glass on the display.

  • Gary Vogan

Does the bluetooth work with any phone or just the headset?

  • k

i would guess that its quad. The phone offers Edge, which is dominant in North America, so i would immagine it uses the 850 band. I was going to buy one on ebas as well, but evryone sems to be advertising it as Triband. The only thing i can think of is that those are european versions of the phone and lack the fourth band?

  • Nimesh

the phone seems a good alternative to RAZR...
The Phone book capacity mentioned here is 1000 ... does it mean 1000 Numbers or is it 1000 Contacts with 4-5 Numbers each?
On some other site it is mentioned that the L6 has phonebook capacity of 500.

I'm really confused about it.
I have Nokia6100 ... and now I'm looking for upgrade just because of limited phonebook size.

  • jo

Is this triband or quadband? On Ebay they're listed as triband, and here as quadband.

  • Anil Kumar Porwal

Lovely phone for an affordable price - just around 185 USD in India where it has had a global launch. GSMarena has made a small goof up on the features, it has a 65K color display and not a 262K color display as mentioned, maybe they jus got carried away by the excellent color and brightness of the display. Well done Moto - jus keep it up.

  • perky

is this fone rele big? as in long...

  • Chris

Lowest price I've seen so far..almost sounds too good to be true!

  • sreedhar

memory is very less.external memory would had been very good.

  • cai

It is a STN screen.

  • ze505

Can someone comfirm if it is having a STN or TFT screen.
The manual states STN in the front part but TFT on the back.

  • o2-Salesguy

Going on sale at o2 stores in the uk on saturday for £99.99 including £10 free top-up, greeeeeeeat i think :)

  • SN Traders

Well Great can buy at

  • thien tran

i like L6 cause it has nice keyboard.can i change this keyboard for L7 ?cause L7 has bad keyboard design.thank for any help.

  • boy genius

Also has it for $419!!!!

  • sot

well whats the point? this phone has taken so long to be released (and still isnt) that its now totally outdated-coming soon is not nearly a year. id rather get another ericcson!