Motorola L6

Motorola L6

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  • da wez

work for o2 seen dat fone today in motorola presentation nat da best fone around like.also its not too light either,it'll weigh u down if ne thing

  • jorj

L6 is avilable now on:

  • victor

hay roomies l6 is out in india today and moto claims that u this is the first time a phone is first released in india ,they 2 claims that u will not get this phone any where for the next 2 months

  • Anonymous

This phone got officially released in India today. Costs around $150 in India.

  • soddoffthen

when is this phone going to be out? virgin uk have advertised it as coming soon for well over a month now, same as l7 in all the phone shops. now they are saying december-why put it up as coming soon? 2 or more months isnt soon to me. also whys it got a mp3 player when it (according to this site) only has 5mb memory? youd be lucky if you got a 6 minute song and a couple of photos on it. any OFFICIAL uk release date yet?

  • Anonymous

11th november should be released.. with another 8 other motorola included L7 (black version), L2 and other C series.. its called moto mass market..

  • pryesh

This phone is another intelligent thought from the making of motorola. it is also like the motorola v3 but not flip. this phone is brilliant! it wont put a bulge in your pocket like all other phones and is easy and convienient to use.thankyou.pryesh

  • tuaners

Has anyone got an idea what the release date will be? i know its Q4 of 2005 but does that mean right at the end of the year or may we see it soon? looks cool i'd prefer it to a v3 as its a bar phone and not a flipper.

  • Gonzo

Candy bar version of the V3 -wooooow , no other looking like this and for that price range - u want transflash - get a V8 then - this is for the ordinary guy like me but elegent

  • Peter

This phone is really good, with many functions and good picture display.Looks very similar to the V8,but I think slightly better looking.You can find my wallpeper pictures and music at ,this is small collection of my favorites...

  • insideinfo

the prototype of this hp got 11MB, and the s/w is still in its bug-fixing phase...

  • Anonymous

Bluetooth and no T-Flash. 5MB is nothing.

  • DDDD

Is a cheaper version of V8, cant hold a candle to V8. Go see for yrself the resolution. V8 is the coolest.

  • Gunno

Looks a lovely looking phone but find it anoying having to wait so long for it to be available. Any ideas how much and release date?

  • justin

it has a great design with the right features.
just when it will sales in asia

  • Anonymous

No T-Flash, no high quality mp3 tracks.

  • shobitan

i like this phone becase it is motorola made plz if u can help me with one i will be greatful becase i love motorola made

  • sniperz

this is disappoINTING! argh... shud have made at least 256 mb slot ...128 mb, ends up to very good phone BUT it drops becoz no SLOTs for mp3 songs...and some program mAN!

  • Anonymous

Slightly better looking than predecessor with stylish V3 keypad

  • thad lyster

i love the motorola and i like to shop it like 4 quatities