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Motorola MILESTONE 2

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  • Sy

ALEX.T, 08 Dec 2010Guys , don't you think the price On GSMArena Might be wrong... moreIt look nice I am looking for one is SA

  • Anonymous

AJ, 08 Dec 2010504 bucks to go moreThanks AJ
Did you buy your own Milestone 2 from this website??
Is it completely unlocked??
I won't have any problem to use this phone with other GSM Simcards ???

  • 100 moto

jesr, 07 Dec 2010Well that's one of my major concerns, the updating policy o... moreIf getting upgrades is your priority, you should go for Google's own Nexus series.

  • ALEX.T

Guys , don't you think the price On GSMArena Might be wrong??
because whenever I search for this phone it was about $600

  • Anonymous

You made a right choice. However thr MS 2 CPU still beat the Desire Z up check out this review According to that the Desire Z may not be able to run Android 3.0 but the MS 2 can.

  • jesr

Aj, 07 Dec 2010Don't go for a Desire Z coz this one have a higher CPU spee... moreyes the cpu clock is higher than on the desire z but the desire z is snapdragon 2nd generation cpu, hence more performant than the 1ghz TI OMAP of the MS2. Benchmarks of the desire z show impressive results. But the benchmarks on the MS2 are quite good too. But yeah I think I'll go with the motorola because is cheaper, yet great quality and performace, and the slide mechanism of the desire sucks. Just waiting for the review of gsmarena..

  • Aj

jesr, 07 Dec 2010Well that's one of my major concerns, the updating policy o... moreDon't go for a Desire Z coz this one have a higher CPU speed and it's true like I said it can render some 3D heavy games that the 1ghz snapdragon can't. This one also have a better design right. You can count on Motor Updating Service, the HTC only update some of their best phone and the rest are forgotten, with motor even the Back Flip got update right :). I think that the multi touch bug would be fixed in the future. I remember how bad the Milestone 1 was when the first time I used it with tons of touch screen freeze bugs, call drop so often, bad call quality. However, after a few update it become a excellent phone that I still love it. About the MS 2 camera, the HD Video Recording is very good and high quality but when you take the picture it's not very good even in a full light or low light condition with flash, that's weird huh. I'm pretty sure that the HTC camera is not better. So I see that you love phone with slide-out keyboard right ? then go for this phone. It's have more power CPU, better camera ( for video recording ), better design, more internal memory, better support than the HTC Desire Z.

  • jesr

Aj, 07 Dec 2010Not really so bad, but some widgets (specially contact widg... moreWell that's one of my major concerns, the updating policy of motorola. I dont think we can count much on it... is the video recording ok? built quality/materials? I dont know if I go to this or the htc desire z...

  • Aj

jesr, 06 Dec 2010thanks for your feedback. Is motoblur that bad?? what about... moreNot really so bad, but some widgets (specially contact widget) gone crazy after I exit some 3D game like Aspalt and I dont like the call and contact buttons I more love the dock of LaucherPro. I use 3rd party apps to backup my message and data so I did not try Motor Blur service yet. Now I see one more problem is the touch screen, It does the job but with some game require to play by 2 hands like Sandstom or Nova there would be a problem with the multitouch. I don't know I am the only one who has this broblem or there is somebody does have too. I used the Multitouch Test app and see that Milestone 2 can response only 2 points when the Milestone 1 can response 4 points. This phone can play well some 3D game that phones with the snapdragon can't but the touch screen make me angry sometimes. Hope this is just a software issue and Motor can fix it with their update :(.

  • milestone m'sia

i want 12 of this phone, because 12 is my fav no.
What?? they haven't reach asia yet? damn! looks like i'm not getting even 1! slowmoto!!

  • jesr

Aj, 05 Dec 2010I've got it for 2 days and I can tell you that this phone i... morethanks for your feedback. Is motoblur that bad?? what about the cloud services (online storage of contacts, messages...) does it work ok?

To all: gsmarena is currently finishing a review on this phone so hang on tight!

  • Anonymous

Milestone 2 now available in Australia through Optus! I have been waiting the last week as i know the release was coming soon, but no mention of it so i called the sales group and they actually do have it to ship already! should get mine in 2 days hopefully.

  • Aj

[deleted post]About 500 bucks at . I thought this site has the lowest price out there. I've checked ebay but their price is around $600 to $700.

  • Aj

I've got it for 2 days and I can tell you that this phone is the best phone I've ever use :). I wanted to have the Droid 2 global but they cant find any way to unlock it to use in US GSM so I went for this phone. This phone is really fast and smooth, the screen is beautiful and the keyboard is great. I've used Windows Mobile Sony X2 => I love the keyboard but the OS and speed is terrible, Milestone 1 is fast great Android phone but the keyboard is a nightmare, the iPhone 4 is beautiful smooth but lack of keyboard and its running IOS. The Milestone 2 has them all beautiful design, smooth, really good keyboard and the Android OS :). This is the phone that have all of my common needed. However, some of you guys will be disappointed because it have no front camera, the camera is not really good when taking a picture in a low light condition, the motor blur is useless and annoying but you can go to the market and have some home launcher to replace it. This is my feed back after 2 day using it, let's wait for the full review of GSM. Sorry for my bad English.

  • Anonymous

i love this phone
this is realy unrivaled
i dont need gsmarena review
i am waiting for u milestone 2
please come soon to iran

  • Geff Spicmen

Very good... I'll get 13 units for my family and a cheaper android phone for my 5yo cousin.

  • dee

Yes why doesn't g s m do a review? Could it be because a certain company sponsors its articles . A company that rhymes with tamsung.

  • Gordon

Yes, me too! I would like to buy 7 pcs of this phone. Two for my parents, who adore latests tech achivements, two for my one year old baby (one operating and one spare), one for my aunt, one for my uncle, two for my wife, 3 for my grandparents, one for my boss and one for his secretary...I mean!

  • Anonymous

I think my family will get 3 each.