Motorola Moto E5

Motorola Moto E5

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2018this is just the same looks and spec like the g6 play motoG6Play uses a 430/427

the E5 uses a 425, it's THE budget qualcomm chip everyone's using right now

  • Anonymous

this is just the same looks and spec like the g6 play moto

  • sudu

how much internal memory is available for user of 16 GB ?

  • Dev

First you change back camera looks its looks horrible yaar. this type of camera looks i don't understand

  • janis89

I think price will be 130 euro
The weakest point always are usb where water comes in.
I haw not seen any cases yet!

Good battery average specs great device.

  • motofanboy

where is the moto e5 play??

  • AnonD-733886

powered by mediatek 6750 1.4GHz Octa-Core thats why its expensive

  • livmatus

USB-C, Snap 450, clean Android (One project or so... ) and a pricetag under 150€ ... that would be a reasonable low-ranger ... but we all know it won't happen

  • Reynaldo Dimapaui

Can I buy the charger first?

  • Reynaldo Dimapaui

Good phone but the price o my god. Very expensive.

  • Alek$

Any update on when the G6+G6S are being released? Could be interesting!...

I love it.

  • AnonD-77434

Motorola is rocking some great device with amazing stock android experience, they just need some marketing and may be a better design, but they are legend living among us :)