Motorola Moto G31

Motorola Moto G31

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  • mg.31
  • sxr
  • 12 May 2022

a good phone. good quality it looks sturdy. i've accidentally drop this phone twice -no damage. the battery is superb

    RMN, 11 May 2022Check on Flipkart. I purchased from there. Good product.There is no hard case only silicone cases bro

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      • RMN
      • U{h
      • 11 May 2022

      Anonymous, 07 May 2022Is anybody facing the issue of lack of back cover like ther... moreCheck on Flipkart. I purchased from there. Good product.

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        • Anonymous
        • p37
        • 09 May 2022

        Really downside is the camera. The almost non existant HDR or post processing, is poor.

        But Gcam is available so you can use it instead. And Pictures came out great!

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          • Anonymous
          • DkZ
          • 07 May 2022

          Is anybody facing the issue of lack of back cover like there is no plastic case or smoke case for. Moto g31any body knows please reply

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            • Tom
            • CfK
            • 04 May 2022

            Anonymous, 02 May 2022You can disable Google assistant button. Phone is solid really.How? I disabled the assistant from the Google app but pressing the button still brings up the option to turn it on again

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              • 0BI
              • 02 May 2022

              chukcha14, 30 Mar 2022Quick overview from a person who came off iPhone SE.. The ... moreYou can disable Google assistant button. Phone is solid really.

                If you prefer performance and battery, G50 is far better than this.
                But if you want a really nice display, and lightweight body, this G31 is nice too. The best is G71 but 100€ more than this

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                  • m5d
                  • 26 Apr 2022

                  Just ordered this to replace my Moto e6 plus. £140 mineral grey 4/64

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                    • Xsd
                    • 24 Apr 2022

                    Honestly, I surprised. I came from a Pixel 3xl. This G31 (w) is very close to same experience - but add 3.5 jack, dual sim, dolby sound. For what I'm doing it's fine. Some performance stuttering but for the dollar ($230 AUD) I'm not complaining at all. It's a fine backup phone which is what I bought it for until a phone come through that ticks all boxes. Buy this one without regret..

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                      • Anonymous
                      • p37
                      • 19 Apr 2022

                      Ik, 13 Apr 2022Thank you very much for the help! I will buy it soon. It�... moreTake it! For that price it´s a bargain

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                        • Ik
                        • aXg
                        • 13 Apr 2022

                        Anonymous, 13 Apr 2022Depends on your expectations. You'll find a comfort... moreThank you very much for the help! I will buy it soon. It's on sale for 169€ on my local Mediamarkt in Germany.

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                          • 3x@
                          • 13 Apr 2022

                          Ik, 11 Apr 2022Can someone who uses this phone say if its good for the pri... moreDepends on your expectations.

                          You'll find a comfortable device, compact and solid, amazing battery life (2 days easy)stock pure android with nice additions.

                          Ok camera it won't amaze you but certainly better thant your old iphone 5C.

                          Nice and lovely screen with really good color accuracy.

                          For 179€ it's a great device you won't regret , just don't expect top end performance for gaming. My wife love the phone and she was an iphone user.

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                            • Ik
                            • aXg
                            • 11 Apr 2022

                            Can someone who uses this phone say if its good for the price? My budget is 180€ and i want to upgrade from a IPhone 5c.

                              It seems Moto G31 sold in Latinoamerica doesn't include NFC. The one I just bought doesn't have it (and Moto Help app says "your phone is not compatible with NFC", so it's not a hardware defect), despite Motorola representatives seems to be convinced it should have it. Also I'm having troubles to calibrate the compass. It has the sensor, but so far no compass app I've tested has managed to use it properly. I guess that may indeed be a defective sensor. I guess I'll have to use the warranty.

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                                • chukcha14
                                • 86w
                                • 30 Mar 2022

                                Quick overview from a person who came off iPhone SE..
                                The phone screen is huge to the point where it's too big.
                                The quality of the screen is perfect.
                                The speed of the phone is perfect, i never noticed any slowdowns in normal day to day use.
                                Battery is enough to last 2 days of medium use and 3 days of light use.
                                Battery charging times with a regular 10W charger is similar to my iPhone SE. Zero complaints about the charging time.
                                Motorola gestures are very handy. The price is very decent for Android 11 phone.
                                Camera is awesome 😍.
                                The waight of the phone is very good, but it's a little too tall for me in terms of screen size relative to my palm.
                                Annoying things mostly about the OS:
                                Google assistant is too intrusive. I hate the dedicated assistant button on the top that cannot be reassigned.
                                I am going to install Lineage OS on it because google sucks out way too much information.
                                The mono speaker is weak, but enough if the room is quiet.

                                Overall it's a fine phone that will last me a couple of years.

                                  Anonymous, 23 Mar 2022Guys, FYI, in general the slower the charging rate the bett... moreGsmArena put out an article. MKBHD a video. Putting faster charging doesn't detriment battery life, not in lower 10W segments at least. The faster ones slow down after hitting 80%

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                                    • Marin
                                    • SX2
                                    • 28 Mar 2022

                                    My G31 has a very weak GPS reception. I have to wait for at least one minute to get a GPS fix. Even then it is very inaccurate because it only connects to 2-5 satelllites. I don't know if I just have a faulty device? Anyone else have problems with GPS and navigation?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 86w
                                      • 27 Mar 2022

                                      Tom, 09 Mar 2022Hello! I have a problem with this phone. I can't conne... moreI have exactly the same problem. Can't connect to public WiFi 😭 that has a redirect to "login page". The redirect doesn't happen and as a result I cannot use wifi hotspots in places like restaurants etc. I'm searching for solutions.

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                                        • Sd
                                        • sSN
                                        • 26 Mar 2022

                                        Average display with average brightness. Not good to use under direct sunlight.