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  • 03 Dec 2023

Zopiac, 13 Nov 2023Since the forced OTA upgrade to Android 12 battery life has... moreYeah , problematic update. I hope they fit it otherwise goodbye Motorola and welcome Nokia or TCL.

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    • Zopiac
    • 49x
    • 13 Nov 2023

    Since the forced OTA upgrade to Android 12 battery life has halved and boneheaded UI changes have me regretting getting a device which supports 12. It was phenomenal before; such a shame.

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      • Killerbee
      • U{%
      • 11 Nov 2023

      This is my first time using Motorola mobiles, poor camera heating issue poor performance even in normal use, forget about gaming "candy crush game lagging so much fps below 5, just like viewing some screenshots" Stay away from Motorola!

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        • aisey
        • n5c
        • 29 Oct 2023

        Anonymous, 05 Oct 2023I'm planning to buy this phone in 2023, is it still fu... moreI've never noticed any heat or lagging. It's a good phone.

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          • aisey
          • n5c
          • 29 Oct 2023

          Finally took the brave step of updating to Android 12 and can't say I've noticed any issues so far. It's a really good phone this apart from the lack of 5g.

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            • Anonymous
            • D7M
            • 05 Oct 2023

            I'm planning to buy this phone in 2023, is it still functional or should I look for other alternatives.
            Does it heat or lag?

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              • X%x
              • 29 Sep 2023

              I have been using this from December 21 and I have not faced any issue. Disable Google apps which you don't use and it's good to go.I get sot 5-6 hours . Once I charge this phone it's easily last 2-3 days after 2 years.

              When this phone was brand new at that time it lasted around 5-6 days on single change.If same continues this phone will last 7-8 years atleast.

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                • Tom
                • 85s
                • 25 Sep 2023

                DTEG, 15 Sep 2023I see the Android 12 update is being quietly started in the... moreIn my experience after about five days of using this latest revision of the Android 12 update, the UI is way more stable and responsive now than it was before. But I'm not sure the battery issues are resolved and the lag when watching videos at 1080p 60fps is definitely still there...

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                  • DTEG
                  • dT$
                  • 15 Sep 2023

                  I see the Android 12 update is being quietly started in the UK, months after the international rollout was halted due to widespread issues with performance and battery life. Does anyone know if this is a substantially new version now? Got mine blocking updates, but perhaps someone has auto updated in the last few days and can advise whether it's good to go now?

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                    • Krazz
                    • XW}
                    • 21 Jul 2023

                    I didn't get the update till now.i checked manually many times.but my model is different from Indian variant...

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                      • Uncle Alex
                      • 8w4
                      • 26 Jun 2023

                      He he, don't listen to these who blame the phone and latest update. Listen to uncle Alex instead.

                      Moto G31, same as most of G series Moto phones, is a steady, durable, dependable phone, with all functionality well-tested, and working as designed.

                      It is not going to offer you a flagship camera, nor it's a gaming device. Yet it is a complete and trustworthy smartphone for a grown person who values comfort (proper size, no large camera bump, good finger scanner, fast flashligh access, clean and snappy UI) and long battery life.

                      P.S. Gcam will help taking better low light pictures, if you really need these.
                      P.S.S. Battery drain issues after update to Android 12 is fixed by discharging the phone completely, then charging it without turning it on until 100% plus a couple of hours on top.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0Zx
                        • 15 Jun 2023

                        Anonymous, 15 Jun 2023Thanks for the heads up, I just got this one off of Amazon ... moreJut sold mine today , after performed a reset the phone seemed ok.

                        Maybe those of you who are on android 12, do a hard reset. It now seems ok.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Ib5
                          • 15 Jun 2023

                          Tom, 14 Jun 2023It's a pretty good phone hardware-wise but the update ... moreThanks for the heads up, I just got this one off of Amazon a few days ago. Seems to be working all right. But, I'm having issues sinking into my old apps. As far as passwords, it's an international GSM phone, so I'm not exactly sure what might be in it.. I live in florida, USA

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                            • Tom
                            • CfK
                            • 14 Jun 2023

                            Hrs, 13 Jun 2023How is this phone?It's a pretty good phone hardware-wise but the update to Android 12 was problematic as you can see in previous comments, there's battery and memory issues all around and no fix on the horizon... Stick to Android 11 while you can

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                              • Hrs
                              • uI7
                              • 13 Jun 2023

                              Anonymous, 16 Feb 2023One year later we finally have android 13. Better late than... moreHow is this phone?

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                                • RustyLeech5387
                                • mAt
                                • 02 Jun 2023

                                I love it so much dont know what you all are saying it is fantastic

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0Zx
                                  • 31 May 2023

                                  POPpunk, 06 May 2023They destroyed moto g31 with Android 12 update and do not h... moreAfter the update (non optimized) the device is really worse. Battery life is now sub par for this type of processor and screen which by the way you can feel is rather dim , lags quite a lot, even with animations on 0.5x.

                                  Camera will give you average results, weak hdr, forget about low light phoes, it´s way out of it´s depth.

                                  This phone is best suited for the elrder people, or those who simply use bare minimum or have a low budget to spend.

                                  Lessons to learn, avoid low entry G phones from Motorola. I think the E series for leed will do a better job

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                                    • Sengaiyah
                                    • rJq
                                    • 15 May 2023

                                    No 1 worst mobile I never seen before,,, totally disappointed with this mobile while making call opp person not hearing my voice and browsing was very worst....I lost my 12k....

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                                      • POPpunk
                                      • 7kJ
                                      • 06 May 2023

                                      Anonymous, 13 Apr 2023G31 recieved a official android 12 this yearThey destroyed moto g31 with Android 12 update and do not have the decency to properly acknowledge it.
                                      See the whole thread below, about 30 pages of comments and their agents pulling off the battery calibration routine on victims more tech averse than them :

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                                        • Md. Jahidul
                                        • X@K
                                        • 05 May 2023

                                        Anonymous, 06 Mar 2023The battery of my mobile is also draining faster now after ... moreIt depends on how you use it.