Motorola Moto G31

Motorola Moto G31

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  • Anony Mouse 99
  • 8qJ
  • 25 Jan 2022

I am seriously considering this model but there are several features not detailed in the specs.
Does it play wav and flac files as well as mp3 audio?
Can you load mp4 video files to play onscreen?
Does it have a light?
Does it come with Google Maps?

    This device doesn't support carrier aggregation.

    Someone asked about charging.
    So far battery lasts very well indeed. Depending on use, but 3 days is expected.
    Charging is reasonably fast with standard charger. I have no trouble with it.

    I have the 128gb plus it also has a SD card slot.

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      • PR08
      • XQG
      • 23 Jan 2022

      Does this phone have carrier aggregation?

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        • Arup kr
        • rJ@
        • 18 Jan 2022

        storage type not given in details, please also mention this.

          GaganAhuja, 03 Jan 2022if u listen closely the vibration motor rattles at start an... moregot it on my g8 power and I love it

            TheCheip, 30 Dec 2021I have this phone and : • Display Is super • Battery Is s... moreThanks i planned buy this Phone, Motorola Is my heart Brand

              if u listen closely the vibration motor rattles at start and stop. try haptic feedbacks and listen in silent room

                I have this phone and :
                • Display Is super
                • Battery Is super
                • Audio Is fine with good earphones
                • 128 GB is enough
                • G85 does the job, but if you do a lot of gaming is better a moto G with Snapdragon series 700

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                  • Anonymous
                  • XV0
                  • 21 Dec 2021

                  ammy, 10 Dec 2021how much time does it take to charge?2hr 51 min

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Q@{
                    • 17 Dec 2021

                    ammy, 10 Dec 2021how much time does it take to charge?around 2.5 hrs most likely if the charging speed is as slow as it says it is

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Kte
                      • 15 Dec 2021

                      worst than g30?? why?

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                        • Esf
                        • 7j{
                        • 13 Dec 2021

                        This phone is better features than Samsung F22

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                          • ammy
                          • YQx
                          • 10 Dec 2021

                          how much time does it take to charge?

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                            • pallav009
                            • fC$
                            • 07 Dec 2021

                            The phone is a baller when it comes to performance. Thanks to the large RAM and the Helio G85

                              It arrived. First impressions are very good phone for the price. £189 direct from Motorola for the 128GB 4GB RAM.
                              Lovely in the hand and the screen really good.
                              A fraction larger than my old ZTE axon 7, but this is super fast.

                              Can't find a compass in it.
                              Camera, (Camera 2 API?) not that I can see. I'm on day one, so getting to know it.
                              Coming from an android 6, this is something else.
                              I'm going to keep it.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • awP
                                • 06 Dec 2021

                                Actually is

                                A22 4G


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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SX2
                                  • 06 Dec 2021

                                  Razor1, 30 Nov 2021Well, after looking at about 100 mobiles I have finally ord... moreHi after you have gotten it - could you confirm the existence of e-compass? Specs say it IS there, but I am Not Sure..

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                                    • PK J
                                    • X$S
                                    • 06 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymossy, 18 Nov 2021I was honestly wondering when they were going to officially... morenetwork type not good

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                                      • Dk7
                                      • 04 Dec 2021

                                      Display Feedback, 29 Nov 2021No Gorilla Glass protection ... Why??????Desperate attempt to avoid more thickness by adding gorilla glass ????

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                                        • rh
                                        • uIh
                                        • 04 Dec 2021

                                        Does it support Camera 2 API?