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  • Naveen

AIRTEL & VODAFONE VoLTE feature not working.

Airtel says doesn't support this model and advises to upgrade to a new model.

not sure about Jio.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2019Does call recording apps work with g8 plusAs frar as I know in android 9 teh call recording feature is available through the default call app (Galaxy devices). As for Moto, you may try a demo or go for third party app. But in India it is against law. So, you have to delete the call recording manually to not lagal actions. Regards.

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2019Is g8 plus better than one vision/ one action / z4 ? G8 pl... moreThey all are different device with different camera functions. Action or Zoom or the other one is like a specific tool. But Moto G8 plus is all rounder. The camera itself is great at the price range. You can see the youtube video reviews for more info.

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2019I would like to know if MotoG8 plus has a dual sim card. Th... moreIn India it comes as Hybrid slot. I mean either 2 SIMs or 1 SIM + 1 memory card.

Akash10, 07 Dec 2019I recently bought Moto g8 plus on 29th Nov from Flipkart. A... moreIf I were you, i should have replaced the old SIM with a new SIM. Sometimes older SIMs go weird and behave strange.

I will advice you to contact your Service provider and got replacement new SIM with same number. And try it. If the issue still persist then visit a nearby Moto authorised service centre. Regards.

  • Anonymous

I think this is a pretty good device.

It´s true it could much better, it could have fitted an amoled screen,but the IPS it´s more than ok, the processor could be a lot better but the one fitted is ok and does the job just fine (very energy efficient), camera takes good pics.

The only thing I miss is a 128GB version. 64GB will do the job (and yes you have micro sd card slot) but it would be great deal.

This is still a very good midrange, clean stock android OS, neat and discrete design. you can´t go wrong with this G8 Plus. This is the phone to go if you like clean android experience hassle free experience. If you want top notch hardware there´s plenty of choices outhere

  • Anonymous

I would like to know if MotoG8 plus has a dual sim card. Thank you

  • Mani

I love this device for the camera and sound but the competition is $60 (Rs.4000/-) less no justification on that. and the idigotic thing lenovo has done has not using corning glass they say panda glass but within 3 days all my display is with scratches

  • Rathan

Very 3 class device..touch is very laggy and misses some touch always. Very bad service. Do not buy this phone

  • akshay

i dont know if its me only or moto didnt gave any new system update yet
my phone is still on september security patch and firmware is PPI29.65-24 is that latest ?

  • psy

Nishpal, 28 Nov 2019Does this phone have slowmotion and other options in cameraYep.. slomo, night mode and others

  • Anonymous

I needed a new phone and I got the g8+ during the black Friday week for 236€.
Great audio quality and pictures, which is what I was looking for the most together with a clean android experience.
The night vision improved pictures of street lights.

excellent battery but Limited memory, sub-par camera, no telephoto cam, No AMOLED, NO G8 Plus

I recently bought Moto g8 plus on 29th Nov from Flipkart. Although I liked the phone and it's features but there is some noise issue from the headphone speakers while talking to someone. This noise is different from regular noise that all of us face sometimes over network. The same sim is working perfectly fine on my earlier moto g5plus. The issue is intermittent and random. Sometimes it works good and sometimes it doesn't.
I have placed a replacement request at Flipkart but they are sending a technician visit to diagnose the issue. For a newly purchased few days old phone, expectation is to replace the phone and not diagnose it. The phone is still under replacement policy of Flipkart and hoping that they replace my set smoothly.
I am big fan of Motorola products and have earlier purchased several other sets for my family from Flipkart, Amazon like g4plus, g5plus, g5plus s. All of those still work today smoothly. I expected the same and better quality from g8plus. But it's struggling to provide basic functionality of talking to someone.
After years of satisfaction from Motorola products, I am thinking to look for other brands.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019ACR works nice!Thanks you very much.

  • Hemanath

Moto G8 plus is Beast

  • Trifonov

Moto rola, 02 Dec 2019How is your experience with this device, especially the au... moreBluetooth audio output quality is excellent with dolby audio. Built-in speakers they are not good.

  • Moto rola

How is your experience with this device, especially the audio and camera quality . I have a plan to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2019Has this phone Android one? Or is it possible to update the... moreYes, upgradeable to 10.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know what DAC does it have?