Motorola Moto G8 Plus

Motorola Moto G8 Plus

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  • Anonymous

Does call recording apps work with g8 plus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Lol almost a good phone RUINED by a retarded notch. **** designers.Wdym ruined by the notch.

  • Alop

Love this phone, but it unfortunately is kind of a Redmi Note 7 counterpart from last year.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2019Lol almost a good phone RUINED by a retarded notch. **** designers.Any reviews on performance and camera

  • Anonymous

Lol almost a good phone RUINED by a retarded notch. **** designers.

  • SCH

Need a review soon!!

  • GSMgasm

Hey guys, Is it Widevine L1 certified?

  • Anonymous

why no review yet

  • Hello Motto

I am a music enthusiast and can the audio quality of this phone satisfy my need.
How do you explain your experience with this device.
Can you share me your true feelings.
Thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous

Krishna, 27 Oct 2019The only thing missing on this phone is "Corning Glass" If they ... moreJust got a 6.2, don't need the bullshit.

  • Samael

Carlos, 10 Nov 2019Does this have a notification light?? ThanksNo it doesn't, but have the notification moto thats better...

  • Anonymous

Rex Tech, 25 Oct 2019Mention 1 phone with Amoled screen,SD 855/+,256/512 gb storage, ... moreOn my view...Sony Xperia 1 is excellent for the name of quality...even it can compete with galaxy s10...But we made sony to break its business in expecting high end specs for low budget... nowadays mobiles are highly featured but very cheap quality phones...

  • Anonymous

I feels like Motorola sacrificed the quality totally for giving more features...I can't feel quality of Motorola from g6 series old g4 play has better camera quality than moto g6...proves customers needs high features for low price..we can't expect quality...

  • Uday

This moto phone have the issue.. in crowd the volume of a call go down so we cant hear anything clearly..

  • Carlos

Does this have a notification light?? Thanks

  • Ra

I like Motorola fone but don't like hybrid sim slots very bad

  • JoãoBC

From Brazil, not have NFC.
No stabilizator optic

raja, 31 Oct 2019g8 plus sar value for body & head pls tell melooool, I'm giessing you've never studied physics

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2019likely will get updated within a monthExcellent joke. In case you've forgotten, Motorola's owned by lenovo and they don't have a good track record of fast updates

  • Anonymous

Jacques, 02 Nov 2019The best phone brand i have ever used, software wise. Pity they... morelikely will get updated within a month