Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • AnonD-335918

AnonD-471535, 01 Dec 2015Hey sup everyone. Moto g 3rd (16g model) or iphone 5s, what you ... moreDepends on your personal preference mate. ios or stock android?? decide yourself. Both are great phones. I'd prefer Moto G3

  • AnonD-335918

Ram, 01 Dec 2015Dont Buy Moto G3 it's getting hang a lot and it is heating like... moreThanks.. ALMOST all the users are happy with this mobile. No heating issues and no lags. Better find some other page to troll. Happy trolling !! :)

  • Anonymous

Ram, 01 Dec 2015Dont Buy Moto G3 it's getting hang a lot and it is heating like... moreI m facing the same problems

  • Anonymous

AnonD-472259, 30 Nov 2015how is the performancce and how much ram is free Performance is same as lollipop. But lags are gone. That's all about this update. No other main specialities

  • AnonD-471535

Hey sup everyone. Moto g 3rd (16g model) or iphone 5s, what you guyz think?

  • Ram

Dont Buy Moto G3 it's getting hang a lot
and it is heating like frying pan
i feel it is not worthfull

  • Rohi

Worst phone, have heating issue and service is toooo bad. It's been 2 months, I heard it may take upto 8 months to get my phone from service center.

  • AnonD-335918

My short review after 2 months of usage.

Design and build: May be you'l think its bulky to hold at 11.6 mm, but the curved design makes the phone comfortable in hand. The quality is good enough for a 13k phone. The power button and volume rockers offer a good feedback when pressed. Overall a good design and build considering the price.

Display: Few say that it must have been 1080p. Yeah i agree but trust me, 1080p on a phone with SD 410 chip would ruin our experience. The display is weak on my opinion. Colors look dull. Previously used Xperia L and it was way more bright and looked great even in direct sunlight. But i didn't have the same experience with Moto G3. Actually disappointed.

Battery: let me keep it simple. Marvelous battery life. I get a screen on time of more than 6 hours before the phone prompts me to turn on battery saver. Wifi on all day, more than 1.30 hours of calls, I'm a big asphalt 8 lover, so i play it for at least 2 hours a day, Youtube for an average of 30 mins a day, browsing, facebook etc, few fun photo shoots daily at work place. These are my typical usage scenario.

Connectivity: Everything works fine. No drops in Wifi, Bluetooth works fine. GPS tracks fine. No complaints in connectivity.

Performance: Near stock android, quad core cpu, gets the job done for a regular user. It can't handle heavy games though. Asphalt 8 at medium graphics was smooth, GTA SA was choppy, MC5 was well playable, NOVA 3 was choppy. Remember the chip and GPU are not very powerful to run every intensive game you throw at it. Apart from gaming, the performance was awesome, trust me you won't regret. Multitasking is not bad either. App launch times are fast as well.

Calls: No issues. 3g sometimes drops signal one or two bars and become fine within few seconds. Quality of calls are very good.

Multimedia: Some video files didn't even show up in the default gallery app, but it was available and playable in mx player. It seems like some video codecs are not supported natively. Audio output via speaker is pretty loud but lacks crispiness. Earphones provided within the box-- S**t :) But I have Sennheiser, and the audio quality is top notch. Use a good earphone to enjoy the true capability of the audio in Moto G3.

Camera: Its good overall. Rear camera produces good images in daylight. Low light shots would be weak obviously. The flash helps though. Video from the rear camera shoots 1080p and turns out pretty decent. 720p slowmo is a crap on my opinion. Front camera shoots very good photos in outdoor, however indoor shots in low and artificial lights turns to be plastic coated and lack detail indoors. Overall a very capable camera considering the price.

This is my personal opinion and experience. :)

  • AnonD-472259

Nicky, 28 Nov 2015I want to buy new mobile please sugggest me which mobile I shoul... moreg3 without any doubt

  • AnonD-472259

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2015Yep got marshmallow update on 25 th. Iam from India. But others ... morehow is the performancce and how much ram is free

  • AnonD-472259

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2015how is the front camera awesome enough

  • AnonD-472259

i think u guys are so foolish to the core

i wanted to buy my first ever mobile and also dont wanted to take risk buying some chinese phone which will neve ever last for over 6months .. so i saw over 500 videos for over a period of 3 months just about phone reviews ......

lots of videos and reviews i saw about
j7.j5.zenphone2 .zenphone 5...mi4i..mi4..lenovo k3 note...honour 4x...honour 4c...honour p8 lite ...galaxy phones ....etc etc etc etc etc etc etc .
god damn phones had their own damn disadvantages ...and problems

the only phone which all of the reviewers commented on was G3 and its good as gold.

i bought on sep 2...till date i had no single problem on my phone guys ..

lot pf people said
abt heating ......this is the coolest phone i have ever seen man believe me
i played asphalt 8,gangster vegas ,gta 3,vice city,subway surfers,temple run,badlands,hitman sniper,leo's fortune, gta liberty , nfs no limits,most wanted etc etc etc that i could ever find on play store ...i played those games at the max settings for more than an hour ...this g3 never ever heats up ...may be the max i saw was 41 deg thats it ...

display is lot brighter but average display which is the only weak point of the phone but it does lots of good by giving awesome battery life good framerates even on max settings ...

battery is the best part of this device i can easily get one and half day of use wih 7h screen on time by using just for calls ..whatsapp....surfing etc ....if i play heavy games i get about 5-6 hours of sot ..

g3 camera can easily take on iphone 6 camera ....this has the best ever quality in daylight ......good quality in indoor lightings.....i was reallly amazed by the camera has a sony exmor rs 214 sensor and its also used in most of the flagships like one plus one 6 ..iphone 4s etc etc ..

timely updates to major versions of android ....which eventually means this device will keep getting better ....

this is a built to last mobile which comes in iphone like quality and performance .....i myself compared this with one plus...k3 note..iphone 6 .....but moto g3 blows them out with the stock android .....

believe me guys stock os is the best .

i dont miss an led notification the moto display works gr8 and speaker qualiy is lot better than my laptop ...and the performance is just crazily awesome ....

im just loving this phone each time i use it ....the in hand feel is excellent...

this is the best phone if ur budget is less than 15k without a doubt ...i can pledge it to u guys ....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-471436, 30 Nov 2015can you post some sreenshots.. are you a member of MFN Community... moreIam not a member of anything buddy. I got an official update of marshmallow that's all and I updated it. After getting this update I asked my friend about this, but he told he didn't got this update. Then I searched on internet but at that time there was no info about this update, after some days I got a news about marshmallow updates are available to US variant moto g3. But some Indian's also got this update. I was one of them.

  • AnonD-335918

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2015how is the front camera Outdoor pics under sunlight are good. Indoor pics are pathetic :D

  • AnonD-335918

hasnain, 30 Nov 2015how to remove google bar?You cant remove it in the default launcher..but you can do any one of the following to get rid of it...

1. You can disable google search from settings.(Google now wont work after this) (OR)
2. Install any other launcher from google play (OR)
3. Root and install a custom ROM

  • Anonymous

how is the front camera

  • hasnain

how to remove google bar?

  • AnonD-471436

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2015Yep got marshmallow update on 25 th. Iam from India. But others ... morecan you post some sreenshots.. are you a member of MFN Community.. So is it a soak test or official OTA. Link for release notes or Changelog

  • Nitron

Does it have a fingerprint scanner/sensor in chipset? As marshmallow will give u that feature.

  • AnonD-471554

Nelofar, 28 Nov 2015my goes automatically into silent mode, and later if i change th... moreBetter under Google, worse under lenovo... That's why