Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • faisal

Abhiii, 07 Oct 2015Does Moto G 3rd gen supports otg ?Moto g3 supports otg

  • Anonymous

can we scan a book with this phone?how?

  • Jojo

Hey I just got my Moto G3 (16 Gb) version and everything looks and feels terrific. The applications run lag free and experience is amazing.
However, I have noticed a bit of an over-heating problem. When I started my phone for the first time and was checking out the features, I could feel the phone getting hot after only 10 mins. I checked and it was 60 degrees C. After that I disabled some apps and restarted the phone after charging for 95%. Since then my phone has been constant around 50 degree C. Is this normal ? Are any of you guys facing such issues ?

If yes, could you kindly tell me any method to solve this problem ?

  • Ripper

Abhiii, 07 Oct 2015Does Moto G 3rd gen supports otg ?It supports otg .. But cant copy from internal memory and sdcard to the external otg device. It says u don't have write permission

  • jinil

is moto g3 is the best at that cost?

  • Anonymous

leumuz, 06 Oct 2015everything they improved but in expandable memory part they shou... moreIt support 64 or 128gb card, you just need to format it in phone btw i am using 64gb card in moto e 1st gen

  • Abhiii

Does Moto G 3rd gen supports otg ?

  • Tayub

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2015i have a small gap bw the back panel around the u hav... moreAm also facing the same problem
Wt we can do nw..???

  • Sandy

Is this phone getting heated while charging...anyone can u answer me please

  • Anonymous

Maddy, 05 Oct 2015What if, The mobile get hang in case. you canot remove battry an... morePress power button and hold for 15 seconds, if it hangs

  • Apchekkan

AnonD-272678, 06 Oct 2015my moto g 3nd charges very slow,it takes a whole day to charge o... moreUse a 2 amp charger

  • kalyan

Guys tell me one thing about moto it support otg or not????

  • Anonymous

i bought it a month ago and it hangs everytime after a week use...there are two dilog box appearing for 4 random apps and i dnt know the reason why..what to do now..hw to get it repaired ?

kumar, 06 Oct 2015i.m using j7. 939mb ram available. .j7 never lag. nova 3 asphalt... moreIt's your choice if you are happy with Samsung device it well and good but I am happy with Moto G 3rd Gen it's a brilliant phone and I haven't got any issues no heating and no lag.Moto device will never lag I have many Moto devices from lower sigment to upper sigment and one thing is common in all devices they all performing brilliantly without any lag.

Akhil, 06 Oct 2015What's the full charging time of Moto g3,, please replyyy..Moto G 3rd Gen takes 2 Hr. & 20 minutes to complete charge.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2015i have a small gap bw the back panel around the u hav... moreThere is no any gap between camera and back cover in My phone.It perfectly fit.

  • AnonD-438399

I bought a Moto G 3rd Gen through Flipkart on 20 Aug 2015. Within 10 days (It was my mistake) the phone was dropped and display glass broken (Gorilla Glass !). I called up B2X Service support on 31st Aug 2015 for display replacement. They were not ready to take a complaint or prepare a Job sheet as they did not have spares for display replacement. Even after a week's time, they never agreed to take complaints (as already, more than 5 phones had similar display break complaints). After much push, I raised a complaint with Motorola Support on 4th sept. Finally, B2X Service Centre took my complaint on 9th Sept.

But till date (6th Oct 2015), Moto is not able to provide a single Spare display part ! Worst part, B2X claims they do not even have 1 spare phone to do a replacement either.

Every time I visit the service centre, I see at least one more customer who had this broken display problem. I understand that, be it Gorilla Glass, it is bound to break depending on the angle it is dropped. However, what I'm not able to understand is, How come, so many complaints on one particular model of the phone within a month of its launch and on top, Moto is not able to provide a spare parts within ONE MONTH time that too immediately after 1 month of its launch !

I lost my trust on Moto Brand, Service Support for Moto in India is proving to be pathetic.

  • Anonymous

simar, 05 Oct 2015when i plug in my earphones(moto g earphones) there is no notifi... moreIts a problem for every moto g 3rd gen

  • Anonymous

gaurav bigg, 05 Oct 2015Friend believe me go for Moto G 3rd Gen you will never regret to... morei have a small gap bw the back panel around the u have it or does it fit perfectly? doesnot resist water in my phone..

  • Akhil

What's the full charging time of Moto g3,, please replyyy..