Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • AnonD-320442

Gabbu, 02 Aug 2015Guys, can u tell me which is best between moto g3 and Samsung j5... moreWait till Asus releases its Zenfone Laser after that compare with Moto g3 and j7 and Decide :)

  • cherian

Klaze bing , 03 Aug 2015You fell for the hype, ordered and got this crap on crapkart. G... moreu plz try to replace it with moto g3 if possible.In flipkart its really hard to replace lenovo phones even if in 30 go ahead with moto.J7 is a good choice.But i hope u dint get time for that.

  • tracey

The LTE band frequencies posted is wrong, for XT 1540 it should be

LTE (2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17)

AnonD-404093, 03 Aug 2015I am very much fed up with k3 note due to heating near earpiece ... moreSamsung J 3 is also another crap better to go for Moto G 3rd gen.Don't buy Samsung smartphone all Samsung smartphone having Blot ware unwanted preloded aps and having hangings problem.

  • neha

Which one is better Moto g (3rd gen) or One Plus One..??

Appreciate your opinion.. :)

  • Miraj g 3rd, sony aqua m4, htc desire 820...which one is better?

  • AnonD-206524

AnonD-393520, 03 Aug 2015I bought tgus phone in india through flipkart ....i have used mo... morehaha, you own everything :P

  • Anonymous

Guys j5 has only two multitouch point but moto g3 gives 10 multitouch point and its proccesing speed is far better than j5... then think

  • kminj

Wich 1 is gud lookng black or white

  • AnonD-393520

I bought tgus phone in india through flipkart ....i have used moto g first,moto g second and moto e....i was expecting somthing solid in the box but story is diffrent...

Build quality is far low from older gen phones...i think these phones were dsigned when motorola was google company...and this phone is designed by lenovo.....its fully plastic ...even is plastic have very hard feel....

Performance is very low it performe like 512 mb ram phone.....clash of clan dosent work smothly....i have 2 gb ram version...

Camera is awesome like flagships devices...

Overall ,before one year motorola phones have same prices but status of the phine were more than lenovo xiomi and other local companys....but at this movment people can compare motorola with lenovo and other chinees companys...i also own a lenovo a7000...i have youtube channel nsptech

  • Anonymous

Moto G 3gen have LED is this mobile performance...

  • Allen

does this phone has a gyroscope and what about the speakers

  • Anonymous

barath, 02 Aug 2015is it really water resistant? Yes bro

  • nikki

need help here,,,does both the sims supports 4G or just 1 sim

  • AnonD-205823

Got this mobile on Friday ,happy with the performance. Better speed , Good Camera , Great Clarity and nice build . Was using a Samsung Grand 2 earlier .

  • bharat2vic

Please do suggest me whther i need to go for moto g3 or samsung J5 or lenovo a6000+.

  • Bharat2vic

I am in confusion to take moto g3 or Lenovo a6000+, Samsung j5 please do suggest me which phone I need to purchase.

  • AnonD-386691

dit, 03 Aug 2015the camera clarity is good? pls give me ansyes...its no dslr though

  • PKK

Hi .somepeopleare saying about this phone. see the price first and the spec it are giving.if want a 20mp camera then gofor s6 edge or iphone6 plus with a horrendous price tag of 58000 nd guys don't want to pay pricebut want quality

  • AnonD-404093

Klaze bing , 03 Aug 2015You fell for the hype, ordered and got this crap on crapkart. G... moreDude 30 days are not over in case of my order. So don't give any bullshit answers. I want solution not your foolish remarks.