Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

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  • AnonD-500868

speaker as well as sound quality is very very poor .if you like to hear sound with mobile speaker than dont bought motog 3 .this moto g 3 is not good as well as has very bad quality but other things are best .only sound quality is a major issue they must do some work in it if they really want their phone to be best..
other things like heating problem are not their in the phone and plz dont cut the sim go to the sim service center and bought a new micro sim to avoid the heating problem.
motog3 also have good gaming quality.
motog3 also have good camera with nice pixel.
plz plz if you like sound then go with micromax phone.
one more thing thier is no problem when you update your phone to marshmallow.
it have awesome battery backup i charge my phone in alteast in 2 days.
it also have a bad music player .

  • sss

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2016While I use internet it gets heated so fast...Motorola pls help meUpdate your phone,,,,

  • Raj

Unknwn, 25 Jan 2016Hello Guys, I got my Moto G 3 yesterday . But from play store i... moreHi,
I am also facing the same prob., What you did for this?

  • Raj

I cant download any app from Play store., Is there any settings to be made for the new MOTO G3 mobile?

  • AnonD-499031

I know this device has 4G LTE bands 3(1800) and 40(2300) but does it have bands required for voice over LTE (voLTE) ?? I want to purchase this device for reliance jio which is voLTE

  • AnonD-499728

Jit, 31 Jan 2016just got it from flipkart yesterday ..and I've test all the segment Hai Kindly suggest how to enable OTG

  • Anonymous

While I use internet it gets heated so fast...Motorola pls help me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2015i have a small gap bw the back panel around the u hav... moreYou have faulty phone it should fit perfectly

  • praveen

Otg not support problem and other problems occured after marshmallow update solved automatically after some days. That is Motorola.

  • Dr.Raghubansh Pd.Baj

i had purchase Moto G3 ( double sim) online in the month of last network and entire Sim detection .all features are in sleep mode .i m unable to call are serch anythings . i already dicuss to Cutmer care but they not solve the problem except they advise me you contact to service center. there serive center are away 400-500 kilometer from my residence. how can access

  • nandhu

Anonymous, 06 Feb 2016I'm on watemla and we have the update available..!!!I need marshmallow update for moto g2 xt1068

  • Karol

I bought the moto 3rd gen two months back. Past one month I have faced a problem that the external memory card is not detected. The memory card is sandesk 32 GB 10th class. If anyone faced this pbm, please give me the solution for this issue

  • AnonD-500201

I had purchased the moto g3 on 15 jan within one month after the update phone started getting hanged and also while using apps like shareit xender and es file explorer (when transfereing data ) the phone gets restarted i have requested a return from the flipkart and they are arranging the return for me.also the phone power button deep in the body it comes to the line of the body but the volume button is out from the body. Hoping the new phone does not have the same problem.

  • AnonD-500201

Deep, 31 Jan 2016My moto g 3rd have power bottom very downnside almost parallel t... moresame problem with my moto g(2015) flipkart is arranging a return for my phone also when using some apps my phone suddenly restarts if you have purchased the phone in the last month please return your phone and gaet your money back and but letv 1s which is a much better smart phone than this in the same price

  • Frmg

Be carefull with protective plastic film in ear speaker. It's extreme fragile! There are many users in Brazil reporting issues with this part and Motorola today knows the issue.
Do not use any hard tools to dust clean in this area .
When this film is broken the water IP certification is lost. For repair, a technician need open the structure of the body of the smartphone and your phone will never be the same.

  • AnonD-499956

This seems to be a very good phone for the price range. And i love it

  • AnonD-499956

Mack, 11 Feb 2016How to block a number in moto g 3 gen?i use truecaller :)

  • Venu

Affter updating to Android 6.0 it is hanging often. Worst Piece don't prefer....

  • Mack

How to block a number in moto g 3 gen?

  • AnonD-34125

harsh, 10 Feb 2016moto g is otg competable or not It's otg compatible but it doesn't detect pendrive that is ntfs formatted. Either you have to format your pendrive to fat32 format or install some third party apps to detect ntfs formatted pendrive. I use "total commander" and "USB plugin for Total Commander by paragon" apps from playstore in order to connect with ntfs pendrive. It works flawlessly.