Motorola Moto X Play

Motorola Moto X Play

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  • Anonymous

bujji, 31 Dec 2015awesome piece guys, go get itare you mad????

  • Disha

in my opinion xiomi is far better than moto x play.

  • Anonymous

I had bought moto x play on December 3,2015 and it showed problem within 2 days of purchase.I faced problem in the sound system and the phone took more than 5 hrs to get fully charged.the camera quality is also not so good as expected

  • AnonD-483099

friend, 31 Dec 2015Don't but Moto x play guys because it get warm quicklyI noticed that the very first day...

  • AnonD-483099

Acquired 3 days ago. Did you noticed it does not have 16 gb? It says Total internal storage 11gb....

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone 4 days back.An awesome experience and I'm not facing any heating issues as such. Camera is good during the day but pictures at night are not worth a 21 MP phone.Overall go for it,amazing phone

  • vasu

greet camara guys please take him moto x play

  • Rbag

I wonder why nobody complained about Moto x play's sharp edges. It teases alot when one is making call placing the phono over the years and it's teasing.

  • AnonD-482750

I have purchased moto x play recently. I couldn't see any option to selfie with selfie stick. Can some one suggest me?

  • Djain

Don't buy this phone. I am the very first buyer of this phone. But still my phone is in the service center because of its motherboard issue.

  • bujji

awesome piece guys, go get it

  • friend

Don't but Moto x play guys because it get warm quickly

  • ashar

camera quality is not that good, its simply like 12 MP...i dont know why it is called 21 fine....

  • Anonymous

This mobile camera quality so so so bad

  • AnonD-482526

No compatibility with google cardboard.

  • mani

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2015really good awesome moto x play Hi am seeing the reviews. I would buy this mobile? Pleas tell About that mobile

  • Sunny

The camera qulality is really poor when i compair it to xolo black it really disapoint me....not really 21mp in moto x play

  • Anonymous

HARIS, 28 Dec 2015i already purchased moto xplay 32gb, please any one tell me how ... morejust use es file explorers to play music .and you can select ringtone from there.

  • Marco , 28 Dec 2015More add are displayed botm of this product it havy disturb to t... moreConnect the phone to the pc, look for the song you want to use (mp3 or wav file), copy to the ringtones folder in the local storage of your phone, then go to settings/sounds and notifications/ringtone and you song will be listed on the options, enjoy. by the way my phone don't shows any sign of overheating, and the camera is good with light conditions but poor in darker situations, very good overall performance.

  • Anonymous

dipak, 29 Dec 2015i think camera quality is not so good as expectedYes bro camera quality not good