Motorola Moto X Play

Motorola Moto X Play

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-416497, 01 Oct 2015Does its connect to ps3 &ps4 gaming controller on this devis... moreYou need a xperia device to do that.

  • raghav

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2015one plus two would be the phone i would recommend as it has opti... moreIts not hvng 3 GB ram only 2 GB..I just order it from flupcart as it meets all the requirement I m hvng..let's hope

  • John

Hello Ppl, need some help,

Do this phone has Conference Call & call divert feature? I don't see that mentioned anywhere like other phones.

Ppl who are using please help me out


guyz , does moto x play have that double tap to wake up option ???

  • V

Gr8 phone

  • AnonD-416497

Does its connect to ps3 &ps4 gaming controller on this devise its possible or not on this mobile

  • sourav

ss, 01 Oct 2015Is it suppirt otg cable ???yes...

  • kb

AnonD-446664, 01 Oct 2015Dear its Awsome Fone, Before Buying i use to read comments but n... moreYes, you are right.. I am also using this phone from last 4 days and I am loving battery issue it last for 13 to 14 hours though I am on constantly on wifi connection..downloading hd movies playing game...over all its a awsum phone..hope it will work same in the coming days..will post if I faced any issue.

  • Maddyy

AnonD-446664, 01 Oct 2015Dear its Awsome Fone, Before Buying i use to read comments but n... moreI want to buy this phone....plz tell is this phone is awesome...or there any kind of problem??

  • AnonD-149096

Phone is no doubt awesom but I'm facing bettery issue. It drains so fast even its 3600mah while i was using Xperia C which had only 2300mah bettery and it was performing far better than this

  • ss

Is it suppirt otg cable ???

  • Buddydose

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015Hi I am planning to buy Moto X play but after reading the Review... moreDude. This is a great device. i am using this device now and I am fully satisfied with this. i use to play big games like NOVA 3 , Asphalt 8 , Mortal Combat. and they all work very fine.
i can assure you that you will not regret this deal.

  • Randy Ordon

Hey Friends.....plz tell me true that is that bad heating problem with Moto X Play ??????? Can I Get this ????

  • champ4u

I'm a bit confused with the reviews posted about moto x play, some guys says the phone is fine but whereas others are complaining of fast battery draining, and sluggish while playing games.
kindly share the reviews which phone whould i go with moto or asus zenfone selfie.

  • AnonD-446664

Dear its Awsome Fone, Before Buying i use to read comments but no one Giving good comments. Atlast with the openion of my cousine, i buy moto G, and then G2 . now i am a fan of Motorola. and order my Fone from USA Moto X Pure Edition. from my Friend.
I still don't know the reason why people giving worst comments even they did not use these devices.

  • Anonymous

Hi I am planning to buy Moto X play but after reading the Reviews i am bit confuse.. Can any1 help me in it.. Should i go ahead with buying Moto x play as it suits my Pocket.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-438707, 30 Sep 2015I bought the phone at the very first day. using it for last coup... moreThis is rubbish. The UI is easy to navigate, the OS provides 3g and 4G preferability and the phone was never ment for heavy intense games. World of tanks blitz, no issue and no heat issue. Also battery lasts 8-10 for me onscreen time so yea.....

  • Anonymous

Is this Moto x play supports the call recoding? I mean, can we install and record the call using some of the call recording android applications?

  • Anonymous

both the front speakers are working while playing music and videos... or not. pls.reply...

  • KC

Paritosh , 30 Sep 2015Moto x uses snap dragon 615 chip which has severe heating issues... moreIt does get heated from time to time. But that's only during heavy usage, and to the extent all other phones do.

So no, not a problem.