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  • AnonD-446664

Dear its Awsome Fone, Before Buying i use to read comments but no one Giving good comments. Atlast with the openion of my cousine, i buy moto G, and then G2 . now i am a fan of Motorola. and order my Fone from USA Moto X Pure Edition. from my Friend.
I still don't know the reason why people giving worst comments even they did not use these devices.

  • Anonymous

Hi I am planning to buy Moto X play but after reading the Reviews i am bit confuse.. Can any1 help me in it.. Should i go ahead with buying Moto x play as it suits my Pocket.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-438707, 30 Sep 2015I bought the phone at the very first day. using it for last coup... moreThis is rubbish. The UI is easy to navigate, the OS provides 3g and 4G preferability and the phone was never ment for heavy intense games. World of tanks blitz, no issue and no heat issue. Also battery lasts 8-10 for me onscreen time so yea.....

  • Anonymous

Is this Moto x play supports the call recoding? I mean, can we install and record the call using some of the call recording android applications?

  • Anonymous

both the front speakers are working while playing music and videos... or not. pls.reply...

  • KC

Paritosh , 30 Sep 2015Moto x uses snap dragon 615 chip which has severe heating issues... moreIt does get heated from time to time. But that's only during heavy usage, and to the extent all other phones do.

So no, not a problem.

  • KC

AnonD-438707, 30 Sep 2015I bought the phone at the very first day. using it for last coup... moreThat's not correct,
Goto settings>more>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network Type.

Do your research before posting dude.

  • AnonD-438707

I bought the phone at the very first day. using it for last couple of weeks.
The phone has a decent display and camera to me.
for first few days the battery was behaving brilliant till that time i was using mainly wifi internet.then after a week i got a second sim card and then i started using 3g internet from then on words problems started.
I am a moderate user with simple works to do with my phone. The phone HEATS with simple work like doing whatsapp or checking facebook.remember i am not a gamer there is not a single game in my phone..still the phone heats up. i dont know why.
previuos for first few days while not using that second sim i used to get 35-40 hours battery back up. but after that now i am getting around 15-20 hours.still that is alright. atleast it is lasting for a day..but i am not sure if you are a gamer.
then response is slow compare to other phones in this range.
I bought a 32gb model but i am getting only 25gb :-(.
i can register many ui prolems with the phone. like
1. you have to go through 3-4 steps if you have to turn off or on your data.
2. there is no option to choose 2g/3g data.
3. the dialer and call log is not user friendly. and it takes much time to call some one.
4.the top drop down menu can be accessed even when the phone is you can accidentally turn on/off your bluetooth,flight mode, wifi, flash light when the phone is in your pocket. this happend to me.
etc etc

over all the phone is not worth buying..especially for this heating problem..gamers must avoid this phone

  • Sunil

lusifer, 28 Sep 2015no its 21mp camera is fully fake. i took lots of photo bt trust ... moreI also thought the same initially but you need to spend some time with moto x play, camera both awesome, you need to learn some trick to click photographs, surely its not 21 MP but yes 13 MP like quality. Outdoors this camera can give tough challenge to any phone but nigt photographs are worst

  • Anonymous

AnonD-446287, 30 Sep 2015am planning to buy new mobile phone...which 1 is plus... moreone plus two would be the phone i would recommend as it has optical image stabalization and a touch id sensor not only that but it also has a good camera snapdragon 810 and 3 gb of ram.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-446359, 30 Sep 2015Better way is to save contact with Google n not in sim or phone.... morethis is with all google phones..

  • rajkk

pls tell me about the camera quality? is the camera is average? and not good in low light?
i m in dilemma to buy this phone, pls post your opinion....

  • Ajay Mumbai

Have been using the phone for last one week following are the observations:
a) The cell phone has decent memory & decent battery life
b) The one I have got from Flipkart is a dual nano SIM phone
c) The cell phone can take load of various software's which is a problem in 1 gb phone
d) The navigation on the phone screen is pretty decent
All in all it is pretty decent phone.

  • AnonD-446359

AnonD-439211, 30 Sep 2015Change in phone or contact settings If stl prob persists Expor... moreBetter way is to save contact with Google n not in sim or phone. This way u will never lose contact even if u change phone or lose phone.

  • Anonymous

runy, 30 Sep 2015yes this ph have those issue. laging heating . storage issue. ca... moreR u a dumb ? Moto X Play doesnot have any heating issue of camera problem !

  • Prabhu

Problem, 29 Sep 2015If I played music my upper side speaker is not working ... Playi... moreThe down side grill is the only speaker in the phone...and the upper grill is just a microphone for dont worry..Its a very good phone...

  • AnonD-446287

am planning to buy new mobile phone...which 1 is plus two or moto x play?

joyjit, 30 Sep 2015can anyone confirm whether X PLAY (single sim) have FM or no....Double Sim.

  • runy

AnonD-439211, 30 Sep 2015Ok guys Plz gimme the info 1.heating issues with any1 n hw muc... moreyes this ph have those issue. laging heating . storage issue. camera verry bad .trust me i jst return it. better go for galaxy j7. its awsm ph.

  • joyjit

can anyone confirm whether X PLAY (single sim) have FM or no....