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  • Prazad

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2015Not sure where you got your info. I have a moto x play and it de... moreI too have moto x play but it has accelerometer bt don't have gyroscope

  • Ashraf

Friends,thanks a lot for your previous replies :-) .Yesterday i ordered it on flipkart the 32gb version,now my questions are:
1.Can we use themes/launchers to modify or customize the looks of the phone like icons etc...
2.It does not have LED notification lights :-(
3.It does not have stereo speakers,has mono only,so does it affect the loudness/audio quality or sound reproduction ???
4.It does not have gyroscope.
I have not received the phone,it will be delivered by 16th oct or before that,but i am worried,as i collected the money with much difficulties,so plz reply friends and suggest some good earphones to use with it as it comes with poor ear buds,which i don't like,i like the pointed in-ear earphones only.

  • pankaj

AnonD-416497, 28 Sep 2015Which is best camera (images & video recording & front f... moregalaxy j7 is far better in every department . moto x play rear cam is fake. it dsnt like 21mp it seems like 8mp below avarage camera. j7 neve lag or heat .bt this x play heats allot. and see the price. its allmost 5k defrnt. .still j7 camera both ar supirior and having front flash. .go for j7 .dont buy this fake moto. .h.w.m..

  • vasu

Greet 21 camara
Awesome display

  • Ragu

AnonD-187578, 28 Sep 2015I recently purchased J7 and XPlay. comparison: J7 front cam i... moreWhat about the display comparison between J7 and Moto X

Samsung J7 one more thing have to share ram in background using 70 to 80% while use to clean it reopens again.You can install only limited apps due to lack of 2 GB J7 having only 1.5gb ram..and over to the Android Overall it's a good phone.But suffers with lag problem.Moto G 3Gen even better in performance than J7.

  • Mike

AnonD-416497, 28 Sep 2015This is original 21mp camera or fake camera .....? How much mb ... moreX Play has the same camera as X Style and it's of the very best available.

  • AnonD-273007

Sagar, 28 Sep 2015Very bad camera clarity. Not level up to my expectationsits clear u didnt see the moto x play camera images, just your posting without using it.

  • AnonD-273007

AnonD-416497, 28 Sep 2015This is original 21mp camera or fake camera .....? How much mb ... morecamera is really great, may be at first snap it will be grainy due to less exposure for sensors, after u start using it the sensors get more effective and shows the real 21 MP image tat can be identified in image with zoom.....front camera is pretty amazing since some models front camera image will be ugly but here the filters are working fine and great phone allover

  • AnonD-273007

Ha...Ha , boss dont say something without using it, im using it, im earlier the samsung fan, but now changed to motorola...battery backup is far far better than samsung and anyother phone in this range...i forget about charging since it lasts for 2 days for me in normal use

  • AnonD-187578

I recently purchased J7 and XPlay.
J7 front cam is great,. has wideangle great for selfies.
XPlay beats J7 with its back cam., X play cam is really good.
J7 is much lighter compared to X play.
Battery on X Play is much larger, but I am just getting a days backup.,
Both are octa core., J7's core management is much better., getting much better batt backup., Expecting an update from Moto for better core management., in terms of cpugoverners., etc
Biggest game changer for Moto is the frequent droid updates that is expected., J7 fails in that. Moto is a clear winner. More questions? pingme.

  • amit

now talking at moto x play i am using this mobile past 2 weeks and guys believe its awesome mobile in range of 19999 inr
1-great battery backup reilf from charging day to day.
2-average plus camera quality auto focus mode is fast than other brands.
3.pure android experience.
4-no heating issues..
5- future updates are fast than samsung and other brands and confirmed 6.0 marshmellow update..

  • Carlos

Is worth it to buy moto x play rather than j7?

  • AnonD-416497

This is original 21mp camera or fake camera .....?
How much mb size in one snap photo in day light or any time

  • AnonD-416497

Which is best camera (images & video recording & front facing)
Motorola moto x play 21mp +5mp or sumsung galaxy j7 13mp +5mp
Pls tell me in real photo grapper pls pls

vasu, 27 Sep 2015Greet camara Huge baetari Greet softwer I like greet englash

lol XD

  • Zahid

Any1 having battery issue please follow this and there will no issue with battery or heat .
Use your phone till battery dies and switch off your phone and charge it turn on and see the magic it will work awesome ... i did it and no heating issue or battery issue

  • Manish k

Anyone please let me know the status of ear piece volume / in ear volume quality of moto x play?

the tech nerd, 28 Sep 2015That was confirmed when Google had Motorola but now lenovo has M... moreYou know Motorola will absorb Lenovo Mobile. Lenovo involvement only in marketing Moto devices made by Motorola Mobility.There I no involvement of Lenovo in manufacturing smartphone for Motorola.You can expect a lot more Motorola models in the future. Lenovo has decided that in the smartphone market the brand recognition of Motorola is much stronger than that of its own brand and will integrate Lenovo Mobile into Motorola.... That's not just a relabeling though, the President of Lenovo Mobile Group said that much of the organizational structure of Motorola will remain in place and will take lead of what is now Lenovo Mobile.

  • Prakash

I like moto
I love moto x play