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  • Tq

In setting-sounds & notification-other sounds-wireless sounds an option is there...So may I know whether Moto x play support wireless charging????

  • Vijay

Friends don't buy Moto x play turbo charger , this mobile battery discharge issues at 50% battery charge phone switch off automatically and turbo charger not work after 6 month


Smart sameer , 08 Jun 2018Moto x play fingerprint. Yes or notNO

  • Mitch

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2018How to activate international call , Know I am out of country, a... moreThis may be Cell provider related.
You may need to contact your Cell provider to unblock or authorize international connections.

  • Anonymous

How to activate international call , Know I am out of country, at present I am not receiving any incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, but I am getting signal.

  • Smart sameer

Moto x play fingerprint. Yes or not

  • Prasad mobile was updated 7.1.1 and I am using Android 7.1.1 but I want 5.1.1 Android version....please help sir

using this one for a while - SD615 the worst chipset ever ! Running very hot, slow, and massuve battery consumption!

  • Anonymous

heating,charging problem ,no battery backup.

  • Anonymous

Very bad experience i had purchased in last year 2 Tim's given to customer service centre for battery issue and mobile running very hot can't take operate
So I have very bad experience.

  • Kumar

Melfuf, 22 Apr 2018After 2,5 yrs auto-rotation and auto-brightness not working aby ... moreSame here bro, and also becoming hot while little use

  • Melfuf

After 2,5 yrs auto-rotation and auto-brightness not working aby more. At the same time there is constatant battery drain when not on use. Terrible phone.

  • thereader

Terrible phone after 2 years of use

  • Skilly

Dk, 22 Jan 2018Moto x play phon rating 1- display 9.5/10 , 2- camera 8.5/10, ... moreThis phone was launched same period as Samsung s6 and sony z3, why do you compare x play with early launched devices?!

  • Magnus Control

What phone would you recommend to purcharse to replace this model? I bought this phone because I loved it had two nano-sim card slots and one micro-sd slot.

  • Dk

managebal heating issue 7.1.1 update ,every phon heating 1 hour use 12days phon update 7.1.1 phon no hanging day to day enjoy

  • Dk

11day before 7.1.1 update no issue automatic restart phon no error message pls phone update after factory reset

  • Raees

I downloaded moto x play update 7.1.1 but when i installed durring instal an error message showing after that my mobile automatic restart please give me the suggestion how can i installed....!!!!

  • Ritesh

Got update of 7.1.1 and ever since then this phone's performance has been a Night mare.. Battery life reduced like anything. I have two X Play phones in home and happened to both of them once updated. Heating is and was always a problem. Phone hanging badly !! . and specially one new thing started (I saw many complaining this also), it shuts down even when battery is 40 % or 30 % .. Even tried Factory reset.. Battery issue and heating issue still there.. Advise - Change the phone if u have already updated to 7.1.1 or if not, DONT update to 7.1.1 .. It gives less and takes more from the phone !.. I am soo pissed off after this update that going for a new phone now.. Cant afford the time of charging it two time every day !!

  • Dk

Moto x play phon rating 1- display 9.5/10 , 2- camera 8.5/10, 3- batry 8/10, 4- performance 8/10. Moto x play display qwality beat them any super amlod display , Sony Xperia Z2 and Moto x play both phon display qwality same , Motorola phone Moto x play display color accuracy beat them Samsung phone