Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Motorola Moto Z2 Play

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  • Nikola

3000 mAh + MotoMod , 6mm + battmod ...thats good !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-668242, 10 May 2017I think the moto z2 play is downgrade version of moto z pla... moreYes, Because there will be a Moto X in between Z2 & Z2 play.
Moto X2 will have 3800 mAh, Curved screen with 3D gorilla glass, Snapdragon 660 , Water proof build & 4gb ram

  • AnonD-668242

I think the moto z2 play is downgrade version of moto z play.Not upgrade version.

Will be waiting for Z³ Play to upgrade my current Z Play. If Lenovo messes the 3rd gen of play am seriously done with Moto.

Might go with OnePlus 5(T) or Nokia 8\9

  • Jack

Thanks but I'll stick to my Moto G5 Plus. At least it feels like a Motorola phone.

  • AnonD-661885

Now aside from all the battery drama surrounding this phone, I hope that with the renders suggesting a return of the headphone jack in the Z2 force, FM radio will he included across the line. Otherwise all the Z2's will be off my list of potential purchases. Oh well I guess the interest of saving money holds me for a while longer anyway. :P

  • bug

I'm not falling for this again. The new Moto announces everything globally, but then you only get availability in select markets. I can't get a G5 in my country even today (not to mention a G5 Plus). And a few months later when they'll finally be available, they'll command a sizeable premium over their already inflated prices.

  • Arian Adler

To Lenovo! Just bring back new smartphone Base on Moto X Style design! That's all
Z,M... Series too curved

  • AnonD-441601

My opinion looks good as average above phone.
At least is much better than stupid J7 2017 from stupid korea manufacturer.
Also cost much less.
Good job.

  • ر&#158

Lenovo's exactly what are you doing?

  • moto user

lenovo is destroying motorola...

  • AnonD-617820

boring, Lenovo turned Motorola into mediocre

  • Anonymous

Specs are good, but smaller battery than the predecessor? Not a very good development.

Unless the price comes down too, I don't see why anyone would pick this over Lenovo P2 or Redmi Note 4.

  • Jenny

srk, 08 May 2017i hope this phone does not get launched and that will be th... moreThey already destroyed Motorola.

  • AnonD-646111

moto please keep the battery size same 3500mah we need good battery life phones

  • srk

i hope this phone does not get launched and that will be the best thing lenovo can do at this stage . poor specification . destroying motorola