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  • Jojo e.

Hey Moto how about some update!?I'm stuck with Oreo forever? Jeez.

  • Ransford

Is it dual SIM

  • Lew

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2019this phone is trash I'm sick and tired of the secondary ads... moreDownload Blokada! Works great. :)

  • Anonymous

this phone is trash I'm sick and tired of the secondary ads that keep popping up on my phone every time I go to do something or text that is not right when I'm paying $800 for this damn phone and y'all are running out of money that you'll have to put ads on my phone to pay the bills that is ridiculous you need to fix that now or else this phone is going in the trash

  • Lew

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2019how fix stuck at M logo boot? when i connect to charge onl... moreLook up how to enter recovery mode.

  • Anonymous

how fix stuck at M logo boot?
when i connect to charge only lighting display no percent

  • Piyu

Sent this mail to Motorola, no reply so far....

Hello Motorola, please read this in detail and seriously if you really care about your customers feedback.

This is the first Motorola phone I have purchased so far. Moto Z2 play. Prior to purchase I haven't even knew the name but as the case of emergency I decided to purchase it.

Everything about phone I found good, although I have purchased it nearly after one and half year of launch but still I found this device good.

Specifically the moto actions, display, light weight, camera, slim body and build quality I really liked things in this phone.

But here are the complaints I faced and still facing about the device moto Z2 play.
01. No regular security updates.
02. No android pie (9) available nor the slightest signs of its arrival are seen so far now. Its already many months are passed by launching android 9 pie.
03. Scarcity of moto hub and shops. At local level no body knows about moto phones hence the availability of moto phones is far away thing.
04. Many months I have been searching for moto mods but even your customer care executives don't know anything about them!!!!
How many mods are there?
From where to get them ??
Why they are so so costly???
Why not even on Amazon and flipkart the mods available till now????
Is it the only gimmick done by Motorola?????
05. Many cheap mobile phones have features and functions that Motorola does not have, please include them in upcoming update. They're already mentioned on lenovo and Motorola forum. To name few I say no screen mirror or screen cast options to tv, no call recorder, no app lock, etc.

Motorola, we trust you, and it takes lot and lot to gain the trust. Dont make us to loose our trust on you. I have already listed my mobile on olx, trust me nobody is willing to purchase this even at half the price. You are loosing yourself Motorola. Please think and care for your customers.

  • Piyu

Aju, 16 Jul 2019Been a user of this phone for almost 19 months and i should... moreUsing since 10 months and I am completely agree with you opinion here......

  • Aju

Been a user of this phone for almost 19 months and i should say.. i am a satisfied user. Over this time , i tried custom roms from xda and none of them give a good camera support and thus came back to stock rom.
The thing i hate about this phone is its arm 32 and thus, doesn't support google cam. But the specs show capability of having arm 64. Another main issue is the lack of dual volte. Moto developers are unable to fix this even in 2019. I heard the upcoming pie update will also have the same issues. Shame!!!
Poor support, lack of updates.. didn't expect this from moto.
Camera is average. Take pretty decent pics in daylight. In night, i am amazed with the front camera's dynamic range.
Battery is also an average. It takes about 1 and half hours to chage it to 95+ and can last a day with moderate use. But for heavy gamers like eg pubg, have to charge 2 or even 3 times a day. But can't complain as it is so lite weighted and thin. Its absolutely good looking in total. For the display, the big bridges and chins are mess.
I really don't regret in buying this as this was a classy in it's time.
In 2019 , it is really outdated. I am gonna change this phone soon for redmi k20. Liked the full screen and better cam + better battery backup.

  • yama moto

Aban, 09 Jul 2018I had the same issues once mine went below like 70% tried e... moreI've seen it x times @ amazon and other forums: people complaining about Moto line: slows down, lagging, battery problems. Here is the solution for everyone: 1. allow updates only when you desperately need them. many times they add up more junk. patching OS is always a dirty stuff. 2. do not use originally enclosed super charger. why? it kills battery. buy a decent charger like those of Nokia or Samsung. that's all. 2 little tricks.

  • Lewis

We should have Pie by the fall. It's not something that we should rush.

My brother too hasn't gotten an update on his Z2 play from Verizon yet to android pie so I think it's something Motorola should consider and pay attention to.

  • Martin

My Motorola Moto Z2 Play did not get android pie why?

  • Lew

Olesmes93, 02 Jan 2019Hi, i need to know what is the exact number of the IP water... moreSorry, but this phone is not IP dust/water certified. Try to keep it dry and clean, if at all possible, or it likely will short out.

  • Vikas

GSMARENA mentioned in specifications Moto z2 play upgradable to pie but update not come in phone. Please suggest how I can upgradable to pie

  • ljdadjg

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2019Did the camera improve on the oreo update?Nope.

  • Anonymous

Did the camera improve on the oreo update?

  • Anonymous

I wish I would have read these reviews before getting talked into it at Verizon. I absolutely hate this phone and now I am locked into a contract paying monthly. This phone is not even worth using for free. Never will I go with a Moto again.

  • Anonymous

Lee, 07 Feb 2019I have had four of these in a short amount of time because ... moreI absolutely agree. I can't even type as I'm texting. Worse than a blackberry