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Motorola Moto Z Force

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  • AnonD-537025

AnonD-64294, 13 May 2016lenovo-moto logic. lets give the weak processor a huge battery, ... moreIts got a powerful processor and graphics, and you can add modules to boost the battery. My guess is about 3000-4000 mAh, and it'll sit flush with the protruding camera.

  • AnonD-303875

I could only say the best designed Moto X was the 2014 model. Lenovo Please stop spoiling this flagship!

  • AnonD-537025

AnonD-77322, 13 May 2016I was looking forward to x Style 2015 but no OIS camera and fing... moreKeep in mind Lenovo/Moto's planning on modules. So theoretically, you can boost this thing to about 3000-4000 mah, and it'll sit flush with the camera

  • AnonD-64294

lenovo-moto logic. lets give the weak processor a huge battery, and the power hungry top of the line processor a battery from 2012

  • AnonD-322352

Okay, this isn't even funny anymore. Who the f thinks that putting a fingerprint scanner shaped like that is remotely attractive?! The previous gens looked SO much better. Most people would not even consider this phone just because of the scanner, IMO.

/end rant

  • AnonD-77322

I was looking forward to x Style 2015 but no OIS camera and fingerprint, now QHD with 2600? Bye bye, welcome note 6.

  • Max

Damn those Lenovo designers, as if screwing up the design of ThinkPad series laptops wasn't enough, now they screwed up the design of Motorola too.

  • wiLL

So ugly, everyone keeps on ripping off front physical home button.

Wat the hell is wrong wid u manufacturers giving up a big screen name lil STUPID BATTERY knowing the battery gives us a number of charges then it's garbage time. At least a 3500mah would've been superb to keep the lights on. Damn wake up who makes these stupid decisions. Oh my bad I guess it's some1 with a bachelor degree right. F-in idiots they got some no common sense to make money

  • ll

WTF is wrong with that battery capacity !!!!!!!

  • AnonD-501550

This is like a Lenovo Flagship with Motorola's Logo slapped on it

The fingerprint scanner make it look ugly.

By all means this can't possibly be true.Snapdragon 820 and a 5.5" Quad HD display with only 2600 powering the whole thing.

  • Alien

Humm 2600 battery on a 5.5 QHD display?
I'm not a fan, but It's like whomever designed the specs on this phone aimed to destroy Moto.
This phone would last 2 hours with this config.

  • AnonD-530112

This kind of resolution with small battery? Good luck.

  • Chrjn

Battery is too small I think...

  • AnonD-530197

the thikness is 5.2 mm

  • coconut gelatine

nice flagship....

  • gagan

one thing i hv liked about motorola is they newer copy others designs

  • honest guy

Battery sucks......