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joe nodden, 11 May 2020The Black Shark 2 is $350. And it's sure as heck $180 (beca... moreWhere's you get that 350 bucks price? I literally paid 550 euros. Bought it from black shark site. Also this macro,as i have said, i bought it at a massive sale

Andreidinutu, 11 May 2020I own the black shark 2,what would be the point of lying. B... moreThe Black Shark 2 is $350. And it's sure as heck $180 (because this is actually $170) better than this trash even in the camera department. Like it's almost the same price as the vastly superior Note 8 Pro with it's 64MP main sensor. Oh and that also has the useless macro lens you love so much.

joe nodden, 11 May 2020Ugh gsmarena deleted my replies yet again. They love messin... moreI own the black shark 2,what would be the point of lying. BUT we're talking about 125 EUROS and not 550. If I compare them to the Shark then yeah,they're almost useless I know,but if you pay almost 5 times less you should expect getting 5 times worse pictures,which you don't get, because they're quite a bit better than that. Can't you just accept the fact that this is not a flagship, a camera phone or anything else and understand it is just a phone worth probably food for a week?

[deleted post]I'm from romania, also I agree with you,camera is not a strong point, but it's 100 pounds! 100 pounds equals to a fancy night out. And this is a phone.

Andreidinutu, 11 May 2020Black shark 2 is definetley cheap trashUgh gsmarena deleted my replies yet again. They love messing with me. Anyways, if you own the Black Shark 2 then if you have any common sense at all you should be able to tell how garbage these cameras are.

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anyone having idle battery drain?

[deleted post]Black shark 2 is definetley cheap trash

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2020hi everyone,does anyone can tell if this phone has good sig... moreHah,good joke,I also own an a40,it's got speeds as high as s10+. No this phone got no issue whatsoever with 4g speed

[deleted post]I own it and speak from experience,this is not your average budget phone! This is great for the 125 euros I paid for it. I can't belive you actually insult a decent camera that costs 125 euro and comes with a macro as well

GetOutNubs, 12 Jan 2020No always on display. But there is a lift to wake featureIt has,quite a weird one but it's actually quite cool

Ruben, 21 Mar 2020In cpu z it says that it has a helio p60 is that true? Cuz ... moreP70

joe nodden, 11 May 2020Not a single camera on this trash is great.Do you own it?

Andreidinutu, 11 May 2020Main camera is great,macro camera isn't that but not garbag... moreNot a single camera on this trash is great.

SkyPunisher, 02 Dec 20196.2 displat without even HD and a MediaTek CPU....geez Moto... moreWhat's wrong with mediatek? It's a perfect phone. And the hd screen,when did you ever see a difference between hd and fhd on a 6.2 incher?

Ms@moto macro user.., 18 Nov 2019It doesn't have Infrared sensor...check yr specs personaly.... moreIt does,have one right in my house, trust me,it has one. (Ir blaster hope that's what you mean,cuz IR means infrared)

joe nodden, 28 Oct 2019I'm pretty sure any sane person would take 1 good camera ov... moreMain camera is great,macro camera isn't that but not garbage either

Andreidinutu, 11 May 2020So i have bought this phone as a secondary gaming phone (fi... moreAlso about the cameras,it's main one is quite decent,makes better pics than any other samsung at it's price and even higher,like up to 250 euro,for example it beats the a51 (which i also own). Then the macro camera, well you can't reproduce the atomic bomb scene from terminator 2 (that has been filmed with a macro camera on a cardboard box with buildings the size of a finger made out of cardboard or other materials) but you can still get very close,check your fingerprint, the only problem is the light and probably the 2MP thing,but other than that,best cameras for 125 euro

Pappo, 04 Oct 2019Very disappointed screen resulation slow processorIt's blazing fast fot 150 euro

So i have bought this phone as a secondary gaming phone (first being the black shark 2,so i know what good performance is). I saw this amazing chipset,better than the snapdragon 665 for a price of 125 euro (massive sale here in romania). I want to say that it has no lag whatsoever,other than the mediatek quality (i mean every 2 mins a drop to 0 fps for 3 seconds). Pubg, cod,rr3, all these big titles can be played on low graphics with more than 30 fps (peak performance) for quite long times. If you can find the deal I found (from a save dealer ofc) do it. Definetley won't regret it.

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CRCL Guatemala, 06 May 2020I was very excited when I bought the phone in late February... moreLooks like a hardware problem! Get it fixed with your warranty.