Motorola One Macro

Motorola One Macro

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  • Yogesh

pacificshinde, 14 Oct 2019Does One macro will get Android 10 update?Not yet

  • Anonymous

it is a stellar with great features and powerful MediaTek chipset

  • Anonymous

Jio not working.

I'm pretty sure any sane person would take 1 good camera over 3 garbage ones.

  • Anonymous

Does it support screen mirroring??

  • Ba

Moto phones are average

  • Anonymous

I think Motorola is going to give a tough competition to other smartphone company in upcoming years, Motorola was launching very well smartphones in their Google era, After being owned by Lenovo we saw many smartphones model with slight change in features which definately affected the Motorola popularity but I think Lenovo has learnt their lesson very well, Motorola used rule in mid range and budget segment with just 2 models Moto E and Moto G and I think that was enough and for the flagship it was X series, I hope they think of this plan again.

  • Anil

Hybrid sim slot go to hellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019If this really comes with 270 ppi and an Helio P70 - I woul... moreIf you want best battery possible I would recommend it 720p + 4000mAh + 12nm chip is usually a winner combo! :D

  • Anonymous

Made in where?

  • Anonymous

If this really comes with 270 ppi and an Helio P70 - I wouldnt recommend it. No you don't need 1080p on any phone sub 6", but this thing is 6,2" and called "Macro" to take great photos - that you can't really look at on a sub standart screen. I own a zoom, which is a sub-great phone aswell, but does the job...barely. Can't see the macro anywhere right now. There should have been a macro lense on the zoom instead of a depth sensor (that doesnt do a great job). Motorola does weird marketing with weird phones right now.

  • nixe

When can I buy this in the US?

  • pacificshinde

Does One macro will get Android 10 update?

  • ray

bro, 11 Oct 2019is the display is protected with corning gorilla glass?it's protected by panda glass

  • vicky

bro, 11 Oct 2019is the display is protected with corning gorilla glass?No

  • bro

is the display is protected with corning gorilla glass?

  • Xiaomi fan

Forget the 720p consider the price ;)

  • nonsense

moto, 07 Oct 2019moto is living under rock, checkout the mi phones and specs... moreThis is far better phone than that POS Redmi 8

  • Anonymous

make it under 154mm & dedicated sd card

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 08 Oct 201910/10 if the price is right! :D130 eur good enough?