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Motorola Razr 2019

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  • Planet Mars

Weak phone ;

  • motofilipino

Kingslayer, 15 Nov 2019$2400 Huawei Mate X $1980 Samsung Galaxy Fold Yet, people s... moreand one more thing. With impressive system management compared to others brands!

Optimus, 15 Nov 2019The pricetag is ridiculous. Hideous to be preciseWhat do you expect from foldable displays that's still new, unproven, and expensive to manufacture?

I agree that it is expensive. It has a 2-year-old mid-range SoC. A fair price would be $700. But this isn't really catered to the masses if Lenovo only plans to manufacture 200,000 of these and is exclusive to Verizon in the US. This is a niche device. The irony when the original RAZR sold 130M and is the best-selling flip phone of all-time.

Most YouTubers and tech hipsters don't give a damn. They're going to buy it regardless of price. Their unjustifiable reason to buy one is it looks cool. Design first. Rational is way below that. Heck, I wasn't even a big fan of the OG RAZR and I want this new one. I miss flip phones and this is like 2004 meeting 2020 and meshing the two together.

$2400 Huawei Mate X
$1980 Samsung Galaxy Fold

Yet, people still whining about the Motorola Razr's $1500 price when it happens to be the most compact, most durable foldable, and the least expensive.

  • Anonymous

e-sim?! why!

  • FH

The flipping screen is a clever idea but for $1500, I rather spend about $1000 and get a "high end" straight big-screen phone with much better internal & camera hardware specs!!!

  • Optimus

The pricetag is ridiculous. Hideous to be precise

  • MajedSMB

Hey Motorola , if you wanna shoot , shoot for the moon , why would your release a great design phone with MID RANGE SPECS ?? WHY ?! and for that price ?? $1500 ??!!

  • Artanis

The return of the most loved phone of Motorola is here in folding form. Waiting for the comeback of Aura, if thereis.

  • Iulian

It's the phone I've been waiting for for years. Motorola has solved a paradox: a small phone with a large screen that you can keep in your pants pocket. It was a simple solution that was under everyone's nose but they didn't see it: a phone that folds vertically. I'm tired of wearing "bricks" instead of a phone. What is the meaning of a phone that folds horizontally? If I want a tablet, I buy a tablet, not a phone. If I want to play games, I buy a console, not a phone. The 16 megapixel camera is enough. If I want to take professional photos I buy a camera, not a phone. Maybe the battery could be bigger. It is a perfect phone for people who have grown up, for business people, not for children. I think it will be very successful among (grown up) people over 30 years. Congratulations Motorola/Lenovo.

  • Alex

Ripcord, 14 Nov 2019Price is about $1,500... so it is expensive with lame specs...Completely agree. Samsung's next foldable, that is in this same style, will blow this out of the water.

  • Zeeshan

JIL, 14 Nov 2019Unfortunately it seems for them that folding screen is the most... morehahaha so true

  • Anonymous

Nothing new we had these specs since 2013 u have to bring new ideas

  • iush

JIL, 14 Nov 2019Unfortunately it seems for them that folding screen is the most... moreThis is the Chinese..

My RAZR Story

The RAZR was released in November 2004 for $600 on Cingular first. I remember going on Phonescoop to check out all the phones. At the time in 2004, Wi-Fi wasn't a thing for alot of people yet. I didn't even know what Wi-Fi was until getting my Sony PSP phat in June 2005. And it was still only on Wi-Fi "b" which was pathetic.

So many of us weren't browsing the web on our phones yet and social media was only big on our desktops and laptops. We were all simply excited about taking VGA photos from our dumb phones. My interest was mostly on flip phones / clamshells because I loved hearing it close and the overall designs were better than the Nokia candybars at the time. Especially the Motorola flip phones looked sexy.

So 2005 happens and I see RAZR everywhere. Everyone has it. One of my co-workers had one. I didn't see the big deal because my $400 Motorola V600 was similar and was released 6 months earlier. Just happened to be chunkier but the design was amazing for its time other than the top hinge scratching itself everytime we opened and closed the phone. Moto added a rubber strip on mine but it still scratched.

I hear many say the RAZR was their first phone. It wasn't for me. The Audiovox 9155, Qualcomm 1960, Nokia 3310 (AKA 3360 on Cingular), Nokia 3595, Sony Ericsson T616, Sanyo 5500, and Motorola V600 came before it. So my black V3 was my 8th phone I ever used. And like I said before, I wasn't in love with it. Software was buggy. Battery life felt shorter. Felt boring to use.

The original RAZR had a removable battery. Most phones came with it before 2007-2008. Even the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 had it. Shame this new one isn't like that. The og RAZR didn't have 3.5 mm headphone jack. Most phones around 2004-2006 didn't have it. The RAZR 2 V8 and V9 had a 2.5 mm if I recall correctly. So I didn't do much multimedia with phones pre-iPhone / pre-App Store.

In 2006 when I went to London, Paris, and Spain or in 2007 when I went to New York and the Philippines, the gadgets I always brought with me were my RAZR, iPod (5th gen), and PSP. Among those three, my personal favorite was the PSP only because it had an external speaker that my iPod didn't. I also began hating iTunes around that time because it kept crashing my Windows desktop.

I actually owned two black RAZRs. The second one came from my mom because the RAZR I got was from a BOGO deal in 2006. I lost my first one for years not knowing it fell on the side of a reclining chair in our personal home theater. I used the one my mom had because she already had a silver one only a few months prior in late-2005.

Back then, I only used my phone to make calls and texts. My Sony VAIO laptop was my main porn and social media machine. So I use the V3 for about two years but I was having iPhone envy throughout 2007. I think getting my RAZR was bad timing. I regret never getting the Sony Ericsson W810 which had a music player and auto focus or K890 with Xenon flash instead.

I felt like buying the RAZR was re-buying my V600 with a different, far thinner shell. If I had to rank all 34 phones I used for a considerable time (at least one month), the RAZR wouldn't even rank in my Top 20. So why am I so excited about this Razr when I never cared for the original like other people do? It's not like I'm driven by its nostalgia. Because I have a fondness for flip phones. I wouldn't get into the phone hobby like I did over 15 years ago without them.

This Razr will be mine but I have to switch carriers (Verizon) and would need to spend about $110 more monthly...

$1500 ÷ 24 = $62.50

Cheapest unlimited plan for Verizon I need is $75 + $20 service charge. $95 + $62 = $157+ (taxes excluded). And Verizon is strict. You can't pay extra installments like say you want to put an extra $200 down on the phone to pay it all off faster while T-Mobile lets me do that. And as of today, I'm truly happy with my $50 prepaid unlimited plan with T-Mobile. Switching to Verizon again will make it a very difficult decision.

My only hope is if Verizon offers a great promo for it a month or two later. But if Lenovo / Motorola only plans to make 200,000 of these, good luck ever finding this at a discount. I still have never seen a Galaxy Fold in person. Not at Best Buy, not anywhere. This Razr could be just as rare. And an eBay scalper's wet dream. I see folks selling an unopened Essential Phone for over $1200+. I got the last open box on eBay for $177 (taxes included).

We'll see how this plays out. I'm fickle. I might change my mind at the last minute and could just wait on the Microsoft Surface Duo. I feel that one with the reversible hinge will be a better and more productive device anyway. And it may not be as expensive because it doesn't feature a foldable display. I believe that Surface Duo form factor will win out for the next few years until foldables become durable enough.

This Razr is a super cool device though. I absolutely love to get it to own a flip phone again. Tired of these giant glass sandwich slabs. Maybe I'll just wait for its successors which will happen to be cheaper and have a flagship SoC. But waiting for the successors won't have the same WOW factor like the original V3 and this Razr had. It's like seeing the RAZR V3i, V8, V9, or iPhone XS / 11 and going "been there, done that."

This Razr has more of a wow factor than the $1000 iPhone X from 2017. It just looks so cool in today's saturated market even with a design from 15 years ago. Think different. Be different. Think cool. Be cool. This Razr is cool.

Today, when most smartphones look about the same, Motorola RAZR 2019 is the only one that looks different but also very good.

  • John.K

Chippy, 14 Nov 2019Lets face it, almost every phone looks the same now and is to bi... morethe issue with this phone is, it doesnt solve any issue, i mean a now days 6.2 phoen is easaly pocketable.. i would understand this for a 7 inch screen with 21:9 ratio.. but this is just for nostalgia sake.. so the size is 6.2, which is a good size, but Samsung and others make the fold to give you way more screen size, there its worth it if you have the means to buy things that expensive, but the main issue is. the other brands all have the best specs.. this doesnt... sorry but this phone has worse specs then most $400 phones have, and dont get me started on that battery size.. that's just ridiculous..., this should not cost more than $650 considered the flexible screen that is around $260 retail...

  • Ripcord

Efren Maranan, 14 Nov 2019If the price is high no one will for this because of very low sp... morePrice is about $1,500... so it is expensive with lame specs...

Efren Maranan, 14 Nov 2019If the price is high no one will for this because of very low sp... moreor oppo reno ace

  • JIL

Unfortunately it seems for them that folding screen is the most important thing, forgetting about processor, camera, battery...etc. And do they really need such a huge bottom chin? Wait a few months and the chineses will come up with the perfect design at half the price.