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Motorola RAZR V3

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  • Chris W

The phone initially looks good but the lack of memory is a severe downfall, plus the fact you cannot record video.


Rant over. Thanks

  • chinmay

i live in india. motorola shud read this cos if this phone had a memory slot then it wud hav been a great hit in india. whats the use of all the feature without having memory

  • ron

all i can say is that the v3 has nothing but multiple problems, such as house chargers no workking properly. also that the phone itself has a very bad habit of switching itself off most times. therefore in conclusion, my advise to all phone hunters, is "NEVER EVER BUY ANY MOTOROLA PHONE" BECAUSE it absolutely USELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. BTW MOTOROLA, KISS MY ASS

  • Justin

Great phone, we are selling heaps of them, common fault that Motorola would want to fix would definitly be that if you enter a phone number without a name it stops you from being able to access the phone book at all, even if they don't fix it, tell their repairers to fix it when people come in with the phone.

  • sivan

lets say i delete those pictures,,
and i have enough space on my pfone,,
then h0w can i make a video ..
where to go on the pfone .?

it d0esnt show .!!!

  • pops

not enought space on the phone
you can only download 2 mp3 ringtones and your phone memory is full
why cant we delete the sapphire,moto silver,nocturne pictures of the phone as we dont need it these pictures take up all the space on the phone

  • Arash

I need help guys. if any one how can i find a driver for connecting my V3 to My pc plz e-mail me, i don't know why it didn't come with cd for software and pc sync!!!

  • dommy

hey,can u tell me which site(s) can i go on to update and modify the motorola razr v3 to make it take video?
thanx a bunch!!
oh and p.s, any other information u have like how 2 upgrade the memory,compress mp3 files 2 put on the razr, etc. would be verry helpful, seeing as i'm deciding wether or not 2 get the phone, and i'd like 2 see all flaws it has, and wrk around them,i really like the phone,lol.

  • santoslhelpa

IF you need more mp3 s on it you need to reprocess the mp3 file
to 40kbit or 56 kbit
thats a fair quality for the single speaker or the single earphone i have 4 songs at it around 800kb no space left for a shit though


-I copied a JPG into it with lossless compression.
-Changed the Foto to wallpaper and in the s e c o n d it should show it, the screen blanks out and crashes, restarts. No signal, Background white in the first second then "pleasewait" blanks out restarts again.

-in Pin login its normal, then the loading of the Personalised data with hte wallpaper and it crashes and restarts (white background all the time).
-You manage to get into the options menu for one second, before it starts to load the wallpaper and crashes. Freezes for asecond, writes please wait, blanks out and restarts in 3 seconds.
-Accessing the Foto is possible via Phone tools butthe file cant be deleted or overwritten since it is chose as wallpaper

Would be glad if you help me

  • brian

the motorolla razr is the MOST amazing phone i have EVER seen and or used. I had the motorolla v300 and that just had one problem after the other- and it can never charge properly, so i decided to go with motorola one more time- and if they screwed me up on the razr i would have never bought another phone from them again... but i am pleasantly surprised- lets not jinx it... the design is AWSOME - so sexy and thin- just beautiful- the features- it has EVERYTHING that anyone would ever need- except its have the size... amazing reception and battery life ... it is a touch EXPENSIVE but ... its worth the moneyy.,.. trust me


Great phone, bought it in January. In July, went to an Amusement park and rode the Superman ride, which is a roller coaster that has the riders hung horizontally. After the first drop and on the way up to another hill, the V3 slipped off my pockets and fell over 100 feet. At the end of the day, I went over to lost and found and they had my phone. I just adjusted the sim card and its working fine, like nothing happened. Great phone.

  • Santoslhelpa

I need your assistance
Is there a hardware reset?
I copied a JPG into it with lossless compression.
Changed it to wallpaper and in the s e c o n d it should show it screen blanks out and crashes, restarts. Pin loging normal then the loading of the Personalised data and hte wallpaper and it crashes and restarts. You manage to get into the options menu before it starts to load the wallpaper and crashes. freezes for asecond blanks out restarts in 3 seconds.

Would be glad if you help me
THought that little dot under right screen is a little reset switch but appearently its an optical sensor i scratched now Haha

so Please help if you have a clue.

  • Surej

Beautiful phone , althought pointless features; 5.5MB and video and mp3 player ?. which means you can only have one mp3. the phone is fairly wide , but it does have a good camera.

  • JohnnyXxX

This phone is kind a poor today, nothing special and big. Esspecially when you open it O_o.
Spend money on Nokia 6630 or Samsung d500 and enjoy ;).

  • Ryan

Jill Jill.
Now that i have your attention..
Hi Jill, I had the same problem when I first got the phone and did the same thing. The I did it again the other day. I really didnít want to do a master clear because I have about 250 contacts on it. So I went to the telstro shop. They told me to press 1 then #. This brings up the first name in your contact list. Now simply press up to the number you want to delete then delete itÖ.
Good luck

  • lors

I do not like the V3 at all. All these people who get on and rave about it are ignoring or playing down the downfalls of this phone. It had great potential and due to design flaws or something it has fallen well short. The camera quality isn't great, and I a lot of people have replaced the battery well within six months because it has died!! I am sorry but this phone is so much less to some of the other phones available and I'm in Australia; and we are far behind everyone else

  • Jill

Hi, can anyone help - I dialled 707 for my voicemail and then pressed 1 to listen to messages. I then decided to put the speakerphone on as I was outside and couldnt hear very well - unfortunately at this point I managed to store this in the phone book but without a name. Afterwards, I was unable to get into the phonebook to delete the spurious entry - the phonebook opened and closed itself down. I had to do a Master Clear and obviously lost a huge amount of data at ths point. Does anybody have any solutions or advice on this subject.

  • overdose

I had a K700i and it got stolen last week. Now I bought myself a Motorola v3. I think that the SE was far better. That is because of the small memory of the v3. I wonder why is it equiped with an mp3 player if you can`t even store one. I think I`m going to buy a SE K750i. I think that`s the best choice. I recommend u ppl to do the same.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is aload of rubbish the memory is rubish and i have had to send it back for reparing and i have only had it 1 month!!!


If you want a good phone with good memory go for a Samsung D500.

  • Travis

For Those Of You Who Have Not Figured Out Why The Keypad Lights Up Only Sometimes, Try This. Hold It Under A Light, Hit A Button. The Lights Should Be Off. Put The Phone In A Darker Place (In Your Showdow For Example) And Press A Key, The Lights Should Come On. The Small Hole On The Right Side Under The Screen Above The Right Soft Key Is A Light Sensor Im Guessing, Hold Your Finger Over That And Push A Button And The Lights Should Come On. Email Me If You Have Any Further Questions. By The Way, I Have Had This Phone For Less Than A Day And Figured That Out