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  • To Dan Jensen

Thanks for your review.

You need a firmware upgrade or got a defective phone if the secondary display is not visible when idle. Mine is.

All the other FACTS in your review are right to my knowledge. But I don't understand your disappointment that oozes out of the whole review. Why did you buy it??? If you wanted a smartphone or a pda you should have bought that! If you just wants a very thin clamshell PHONE you got the V3, it's that simple!! The V# is NOT a computer, camera, coffee machine or whatever, and it doesn't pretend to be. You may wish that it were, but that your problem not motorolas.

And, yes, if £6 inkluding postage (check e.g. ebay) is too much for a bluetooth headset, well, then you're right you propably wouldn't have bought a £350 phone.

  • Carol

The coolest phone ever made! I am so thrilled every time I use it. Everyone thinks I'm speaking from a land-line phone and compliment the sound quality. Nice rich loud ringers and a great looking screen. MP3 compatability, with Bluetooth that works amazingly well! Great stuff. If you have cash to spare...get it!

  • Patrick

A great phone. The RF quality is superior to anything else I've tried. The sounds and images are fantastic. A great gadget....
M. Steward and Edward.....sod off! You're damn jealous, and it shows!
If you're not, then how ignorant are you to purchase a phone without evaluating whether it suits your needs or not!

  • MAC

it's a great phone because it's slin and it's not heavy,but the price is high 847 EURO

  • yy

i got a brand new v3 last night it looks cool but some keys are not working! i am waiting for a new one for exchange but i am worrying if this will be a common problem later.

  • Anonymous

ahh but they do guavajam
people are stupid and vain, they need this phone to lift there ego

  • phone user

the V3 phone is a "feel good fashion" phone, you buy it to feel good & look cool, and its thin but has limited features. If you want features, get a s700i, has all the features, but its fat. fat vs. thin (just like people)

  • Gangster

every one who hates this phone please tell me what phone you have, and be honest.

this will be evidence as to what sort of people dont like it.

my opinions after owning one for a month are i love the look of it, doesnt do very much but so many people come up to me and ask to have a look at it, and best of all not many people in england have got one, and why? because they cant afford to pay £400 for a phone.

its unique, its special and its good looking.
think of a bmw car. they cost loads for what they are, but they are pretige vehicles. if they were cheap then everyone would have one, making them not so desirable to the people who earn the money.......

tell me what phone you all have and i'll comment on them..........

  • Carlos

I can´t understand what´s wrongh with you people, this phone is o VERY good piece of equipment and design, the buttons, the sounds, the usage, awsome phone, the price is a bit high but the the satisfaction its great

  • starr

does anyone know if this handset has a language converter in it? and if so, what languages?

  • Anonymous

well... people obviously have paid that price for this phone, and will continue to pay that price for the phone, because they dont care about whether it costs a lot, they just care about it being such a cool and good looking phone

  • Robert

I would like to defend what I have previously entered.
I have been called a Motorola salesman, which is completely untrue. I am a design engineer for Hamey Technologies Australia, and thus I know exactly what goes into designing a product, no matter whether it be a phone or a microwave or a $100,000 car. The care that is taken in designing and producing these products is always of the highest quality and a lot of consideration goes into who they are making the product for, and thus they make decisions about what should be included in the product.

Obviously Motorola was targeting a certain group of people for this phone, and because other people were drawn in by this phone being new and thin and in metal, those people who weren't targeted as being part of the market for this phone were disappointed because the features that they wanted weren't in the phone.

If you want to buy a phone with certain features, like an mp3 player, or video capture, or a megapixel camera, then go into the specs page of every phone, and if a certain phone has those features, then consider buying it.

I highly doubt that any of the people who are complaining about the features that this phone may lack, actually read all of the specs before purchasing the phone. I would consider those people very stupid consumers.

"Look before you leap"

There are a lot of uneducated people in this world. And yes, Motorola may have fooled you with their attractive marketing. You should try to be more educated consumers. Do not buy something if it lacks the features that you desire. (but you can only know what the features are, if you read the specifications of the product). If you do not read the specs, then get disappointed because a product is not what you expected, do not complain on forums about it being crap. Because you are not an educated consumer! Only complain about the phone if you looked into all of the specs, talked to people in shops about the features of the phone, talked to other people who already own the phone, etc, then decided that the phone was right for you, but when in use it lets you down, then you may share your opinion of this phone, but I highly doubt that any of the people who have complained on this forum have taken those steps to be an educated consumer, and thus should not have shared their unconstructive comments.

Have a good hard look at what you did before you bought the phone, and decide whether you are an educated consumer, and if you really deserve to be placing criticisms on this forum.


  • guavajam

a thin razor?????????? it looks and feels like a dull heavy ax than a razor! boy the price is high and people are not going to pay this kind of price for this phone!

  • James

I own this phone and have had it for almost a month now, and I really dont see what people are saying is wrong about it. I think all the functions are fine, and I wouldnt really use an mp3 player, or the video camera. I dont even use the bluetooth that it does have. So, if you need the functions that this phone doesnt have, i would look at getting other phones. but, if you just want a phone, because it makes calls and looks pretty flashy, then go for this one

  • Robert & Vigo

Both are MOTO sales &........

  • M Steward

Honest to god, this phone is pretty screwed. Do not talk nonsence, Vigo. I can say for sure that you are a lier cause I own this phone.
Look do not last if there is no substance!


Vigo, high end ass!
You are only a "motorola salesman"!
Do not always mislead consumer into believing the V3 is a good phone.
Who cares about how people look at you. Be yourself, stupid kid!!!

See honest comments below :

"Awesome piece of rubbish. Can't find anything special about this phone...not even the look nor the material."

"I can't believe I waited with such anticipation for this phone and yet was so dissappointed when actually able to hold it and try it out. Don't need it that bad. If you must have I recommend waiting till end of life cycle when you can probably pick it up for $50.00 all it's really worth."

"Just another Motorola CRAP!
Do not trust Motorola, mine scratched easily. Worse than phone made with plastic.
The earpiece way too quiet..........& many more cons............!!!
Terrible phone."

"Another Motorola crap. . .made in metal. One of the worst phone I have owned recently. This V3 phone is made for suckers only. Glad I sold mine yesterday."

  • Vigo

for crying out loud! everytime someone has something constructive or positive to say, some child responds with negative remark having nothing to do with a sound or rational evaluation...
for those "unknowns" or "Edward" who contiue to bash the phone....YOUR JEALOUS!!! for whatever reason you feel you have to contribute to this forum to tear this "work of art" apart...go seek therpay elsewhere!!!!
The Moto V3 is for high end users and is a status symbol...remember the Nokia 8890? I don't think it's the perfect phone at all..but it's one hell of a piece of design innovation! It's a phone!!! It's a phone!!! if you want to take nice pictures, or listen to your mp3s...or take videos....may i suggest the iPod or visit your local Best Buy or Future shop!!!! This phone rocks and there will never be another like it....i love the way people look at me like i'm from the future or another planet when it rings and i answer it....
Anyway, to the individual who says this phone rusts....did you know that your toaster and televison will also rust if you WET THEM!!!!! what planet are you from?

Vive la difference! Thank you MOTO....V3 rocks!


to robert,

2004-12-05 08:26:34)

we do not appreciate salesman to bullshit us here on this forum.

we can all tell that you are a good sales, but if you want to sell things. . .go to the flea market, not here!!!!!

  • Robert

I agree with RAZR Maniac, those who are writing that the features are crap really should have read the full technical details before considering buying it.

If you go out and buy a TV cos its new, and dont read any of the descriptions about the TV, or try it out before buying it, then take it home and realize that the picture isnt quite as good as you expected it to be or that it only has mono speakers instead of stereo.

Does anyone think that these people really have a right to be complaining about the absense of these features?

because I think people should take more responsibility for their own purchases and not blame the company who designs and manufactures the product for making their product in a certain way.

I know quite a lot about what goes into the process of producing a product, and I know that a company spends a lot of time thinking about what market they are targeting with that specific product, and they make decisions about what features should be included with that product based on the market they are targeting.

With the Motorola V3, they were obviously targeting a market who didnt neccesarily need a phone with a camera with a huge resolution, or an mp3 player, or a huge internal memory, or video capture, or the width of a regular "candy bar" phone. They are not targeting people who are willing to spend only $50 on a phone.

They are targeting people who are looking for a stylish, slim, metallic phone, which will make people look at them and be impressed, and who aren't worried about spending their money on that type of phone.

If you have only non-constructive criticisms, like:

"Another Motorola crap. . .made in metal. One of the worst phone I have owned recently. This V3 phone is made for suckers only. Glad I sold mine yesterday."

which doesn't tell us anything about why they decided to sell the phone, only that they dont like metal exteriors on phones. My response?


Also, responding to the comment about the phone rusting. Motorola would have spent a lot of time researching into what conditions the phone would have to be placed in or remain in, to show any signs of rust. I would presume that a phone of this price (therefore quality) would have to remain in a very high humidity area (ie. the tropics, or underwater) and be in contact with another metal which would cause it to rust, for a considerable amount of time, in order for it to rust. I am sure that in the manual provided with the phone that Motorola has specifically stated in the "care for you phone" section that the phone should not remain in high humidity areas for any considerable amount of time.

Therefore, if the phone rusts, IT IS THE FAULT OF THE OWNER AND NOT OF MOTOROLA!

In conclusion, read the specifications of the phone, then decide if you actually want a phone that doesn't have the features of high end phones. Also decide what you want out of a phone,




this phone is based around having a great design, and should be considered that way if you want to buy a phone.

Finally, if you still want this phone, but dont think you are willing to pay the full retail amount, then check out to discover how to get this phone for only 20 pounds. Read through the site, find out for yourself how it works and decide whether you are willing to put your money into such a fantastic opportunity.

Please get in touch with me through the email provided if you would like to respond to what i have said.