Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • Anonymous

Ugly looking phone with a small screen! Basically the same thing as the V3 in bar shape!
Conclusion : Another crap from Moto!

  • fone dude

wish they could combine the V8 features with the design of the Panasonic X200 (both are thin phones).

  • nekaj

metal or plastic body?

  • cl500_benz

any other color? silver titanium like the V3 ??

  • Lowenhart19

THIS IS COOL !! looks very LUX, no phone can beat this V8 style. i deffinately would get one of this phone although i currently own P910i.
i love the style of the V8.

  • Anonymous

To JJ:

its only 2 cm bigger than any samsnug filp phone and as big as any nokia candy bar phone, not to mention that nokias phones are 1 cm wider. remember it has a huge screen much bigger that any screen on a nokia phone in that category. so go check other phones dimension and comeback and bs.

  • J J

113mm x 49mm x 11.5mm !!

Who cares if its thin if its as long as that!
(*Brick*) i would rather have the V635!

  • param

its actually releasing in the Q3 of 2005. So i'll go for E398 now and by the end of the year go for this if it has the same mp3 stereo quality like E398's. But E398 looks way better.

  • Ben

but for me i think this phone too slim lolz. I still prefer phone like e1000 or the new e1++++ dunno wat model oleidi or e398 tat kind of phone. More solid feel haha.

  • punjadila thin..I rather not eat whole week to save money to buy it..but when aaa come to Malaysia??Dont play play aaa..even its memory is expendable not like it elder brother VR3 RAZR only 5 MB.So sueh lo..

  • Canderous

yeah but

e398 + v3 razr = instant win

  • arthur

i think this phone is great, i live in brasil an here everybody loves my cel, the sound is cool

  • THE BOMB !!!!!!!!!!!

Expandable memory OMG that is nice a thin phone and a thin MP3 player, MP camera no need.

  • dries

well, E398 is already out. this one won't be available for several months so E398 is the best phone now.

  • Motofan

I think this phone looks fabulous. Really classy, just like the V3. If it really is the V3 version of E398, I'll choose the V8 over the E398. Brains and brawns. Ha...

  • fozzy bear

good looking but i didnt like the keypad on the V3 nd looks like they've used the same one :( never mind

  • Robocellkid

No way! This is as this as the Razr, why go for the E398?

  • jorge

d specs is like E398.go for the E398!it sounds better than this one for sure..

  • Robocellkid

This phone is RAZR thin. MP can't really fit. You can't expect them to do everything. Motorola's da bomb!

  • Aaron

the expandable memory is excellent, megapixel would have been nice, anyway how thin is this thing?

The v3 looks better