Motorola SLVR L7

Motorola SLVR L7

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  • helen

im not a phone feature person.
This is okay for people who want slim phones.
I miss my phone. I was ripped off by bad felons 3 days ago. they took my phone.

  • Anonymous

cyclops, 27 Jul 2008it is the worst mobile i have ever seen it doesnt have good... moreYou must have got a dodgy one then. I used mine for nearly 2 years before I got bored and wanted a different phone. Never had any issues with it even after it'd been dropped a few times.

Only issues I ever had were the interface would be a little slow if I had alot of SMSs saved or anything. Other than that, no major complaints.

  • cyclops

it is the worst mobile i have ever seen it doesnt have good feauters and it will be broke down very fast and fuc* moto i will get nokia donot buy that phone

  • fidel

guys i cant use my mxit, mig33 or download it keeps login and out. i hate l7

  • blackman

internal memory to low

  • harry

hey, i've this fone 4 a year & it gave all d troubles listed elsewhere! But i REALLY love this fone ,functions perfectly even after dropping it a dozen times,great display clarity than my nokias&SEk750&k550(a cybershot!),great design, always love keep'g this fone in my hands,good internet speed...d only thing is its AGE.It gave me d xperience my previous SE's&nokias failed...its sad im gonna change dis but definitely 4 another moto...its d "moto experience"

  • Alisher

Tim, 06 Apr 2008Hi! Plz i'd like to know if games available on moto l7, suc... more I hope You got what you nees! Man.

  • Denise

I've had this phone for almost 3 years now.
Its a great phone but i find the camera extremely sloow. I've dropped the phone about 10 times now and it's still fine =P

I loved my phone for like the 1st year, but then the design started to annoy me...none of my cute keychains looked nice with it D=
haha. Great phone with a nice slim design =)

  • Anonymous

Any body wanna flash their phones use (
or else if u don't want this u can use
have fun

  • Anonymous

thia=s phone is machine ive had this bugger 4 a year and a half the phone itself is tops but the butttons break...mxit...but otherwise its a machine lol

  • Anonymous

Ahem!Ahem!I hv been using dis fone for about a year n i shud say its one of d coolest fone around in its price change....Neither Nokia nor Sony Ericsson can match its overall quality....whether its looks,display,performance.....none.....

  • Anonymous

Hello I have used this cell phone for almost 5 to 6 months(in 2006) and I would like to say that it was my worst choice because it has been a very bad experience to use it, coz it does not have good features like u see it even does not have a good camera or a radio or gud memery.

  • JaCk_L7

HeLlO....CaN I aSk wHat tHe iTunes N hoW 2 inStaLL 2 thIs foN? pLz rPly Ur AnSwEr.....

  • seni

Hi I been using the L7 for 2 yrs but I have problem now each and every ten seconds it pop out the msg:so.many bites has been transfered.

  • Anonymous

had this phone for 2 years, been using on and off but i've been quite pleased with it.
-few times battery life was terrible (charge at night before bed, wake up to low battery) but only happened a couple of times.
-some music i dragged from pc wouldn't work.
-camera is only vga. back in 2005/2006 it was fine, but now with phones having much better quality/1-5mp, every photo i receive can't be viewed unless resized/shrunk.

but besides those 3 cons, i think the phones a good buy. definitely recommend it!

  • Winx

I think this phone is good for 2005 model that is. Its pretty advanced in its time. Fully customizable, sleek and great design and fashionable. You can even enter a security code on each appl. youd like. And the multi use USB Port serves as a charger and pc interface. You can even charge it with your pc. You can even watch movies encoded in a 3gp format. Vga camera is good. The video is of poor quality and has a max. recording of less than 2 min. The sound quality is ave. in an headphone.


i am facing problem from the date of purchase,it is a thirdrate useless handset.
cons:-worst battery life,no continuous video recording,poor camera,worst handsfree speaker,software hangs frequently,keypads not friendly usable,overall the worst phone of the world.
don't purchase any handset of motorola.its a loss.motorola is a company which produces all useless and worst handsets.don't buy..........................


i have not seen such type of a useless mobile till date,it has a worst........ worst battery life,application hangs rapidly,the two most important things.don't buy this useless phone.motorola company should not produce such type of a useless/worst mobile hand set.

  • mackee

jas wana ask... can i save my mesg in my pc? how?

  • GJ

slvr ch, 27 May 2008it's actually very simple.copy your ringtone mp3 to the pho... morehow do you get mp3's to sync. i tried a usb and also to drag the files to the sd with it in the adaptor. it's driving me nuts here.